Sunday, April 09, 2006

At Penang

Now I'm at Yoke Ping's house. It's fun to be able to travel again, and traveling alone is fun too. I don't mind getting in the bus alone, I can sleep all the way. But from Ipoh I was with Mun Yee, then she dropped off at Juru, her bf(the stingyman) was already waiting there. Crossing the brigde brought back a lot of fond memories. I really miss those uni days. I used to take bus ride to and fro Ipoh at least twice every month. But the bus route has changed a bit. Now there's a new bus terminal at Sg. Nibong. Upon arrival, I called Yoke Ping.....but I still had to wait awhile before she arrives....-_- Luckily the place was bright and got some ppl getting off buses strolling around. Then we went to yumcha for a while at a cafe nearby her house at Pekaka.

We plan to take lotsa lotsa pics, then I can pic-blog about it. YAY!

Gotta go and brush teeth and prepare for the fun day!!!!

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