Monday, April 10, 2006

Weekend in Penang

Here's the entry of my Penang weekend. Actually it was last week (7-9/April). I don't feel like posting a long entry with I just picture blog about it.....

Friday, 7th April
Upon arrival, I snapped a feel good pictures with Yoke Ping. And then I unpack my stuff. I kinda like the 2nd picture (but left hand looks bitchy).

Took more pictures with Lee Hong and Yoke Ping. I look damn dark standing beside Lee Hong. *sigh*

Then Yoke Ping got hold of my camera and went siao by taking pictures of every corner of her 'clean' house. She's planning up and down to buy a digicam. Hope she gets one real soon so that she take more crazy pictures like those.

She kept telling me that she got cellulite. She even forced me to take picture of her 'cellulite'. Can someone please tell her what real cellulite looks like? Then she got angry because I laughed at her 'cellulite' and so she resolved to totally ignored me by watching anime and chatting to her MSN buddies.

We had a nice chat before we sleep. I think we slept kinda late that night. Too many stuff to talk and bitch about. She's the kind of friend that I really can talk to. I'm really glad to have her as one of my best friend.

Satuday, 8th April
I don't really had a good sleep, hence end up the tiring look. But we still dress up prettily and head up for the exciting day. One thing I must say is THERE'S NO MIRROR in Ping's room(neither in the bathroom). Erm, actually there is one mirror where my head is bigger than it. Now I know what I should get her for her coming Bday.

Yay. We both wore skirts! Pretty pretty~ ~

Ping had no idea where to bring me for breakfast. After brainstorming the night before, so she decided to bring me to the kopitiam near her workplace. Nice tau foo fa with brown sugar. The kopitiam lady kinda pissed off because we brought the food from outside and we didn't order any drinks from her. So I had to order a Milo ais (Penangite never knows how to make nice Milo ais).

And off we go to PIKOM PC Fair at PISA. Of course it's twice or thrice larger than the one in Ipoh. But still can't compete with KL's PC fair. I spent almost RM500. But still can't compete with Yoke Ping because.......

Because she finally...finally!!!..bought a SONY T7 model digicam, 5.1mp. She spent 1 hour each at Olympus and Sony booth. She thanked me for being so patient with her. I worshipped myself for my own patience too. As long as my best friend is happy :)

At night, Lucy (Yoke Ping's ex-housemate) joined us for dinner. I forgot the nice restaurant's name. It's at E-Gate. Talkative Ping spent 1 hour at another cafe talking to her long lost friend while I kept mumbling beneath my breath how hungry I am. Again, I salute myself of my own patience.

The guy in red is Ping's long lost friend, Bro Ha (brother of her ex-housemate). He was my course senior. Witty and smart guy. More story about him in my next post. Ping seems very close to him. Not the intimate type but they are pretty close friends and joke around alot.

Here's our pretty meal. I feel stupid taking pictures of our food but for the sakes of blogging. I read somewhere in some western blog that Malaysian blogger like to post pic of their food. Can't blame us, Malaysian are born to be connoisseur of food.

After the dinner, we went had a little ride around Penang in Bro Ha's car. First we went to Star KTV, used up a lot of effort to get up to Level 7 because the building construction is very weird, there's no lift in Level 4 and 6....argh...I don't remember the numbers but I just know that we had to climb to that level just find the KTV was closed for renovation. we head to Red Box but only to find out that they charge RM38++ per head for room after 12.30am. The time we arrived was 11.30pm. We had no where to go and finally we end up at Segafredo. Chatted a few hours there and then strolled along the Gurney drive, enjoying the night breeze. When we reached home, the time is 3.00am(I think so, Ping, correct me if I'm wrong). Me and Ping were too tire to talk and slept our ass till the next morning. I couldn't even hear the loud Muslim morning prayer from the mosque just next to the apartment (which awaken me almost instantly the night before).

Sunday, 9th April
The next day we went for a shopping spree at Gurney Plaza. Actually I don't plan to buy a lot because I'd already bought too much cloths in Ipoh. We had our lunch at Kim Gary Restaurant. Mun Yee and Si Tai Fun criticized my taste for food because I choose to eat at Kim Gary, but I bet that's the best restaurant you can find in the whole Gurney Plaza. Just look at the people there. And I felt so homey because all the waiters and waitresses there spoke Cantonese. Place like Chopper's Board should shun away.

With such crowd, food won't be serve so fast. We had nothing better to we took more pictures. Hehe

Best Milo ais I'd ever had. People who speak Cantonese make GREAT Milo ais. Really!!!
Look at Yoke Ping's bowl of chicken mee. It taste weird thou, but it look generously big! Just compare it with the pathetic and sad looking bowl of pork chop rice of mine. But the next day, Ping had diarrhoea. She blamed it on her chicken mee.

I reached my Ipoh home at around 8.30pm. The bus took 3 hours to travel from Penang - Ipoh(which usually is only 1 1/2hour by car). And I showed off my lovely shawl that I bought at Gurney. I don't know why I'm suddenly so into such shawls. I doubt if I really will wear it. But I did wear the pink shawl once I bought it from the shop.

I'd resized all the photos so that my blog will load faster. You can check all my photos at My Yahoo Photos

And also a BIG BIG THANK YOU to Yoke Ping who provided me accomodation (while she slept on her yoga mat only) and drove me around during my stay.

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  1. Thanks for your compliments and definitely your patience to wait for me for more than 2 hours at PC fair. (but then again, you have no transportation if you are not sticking to me .. hehehehe ... no la, just joking). But the photos are nice huh ... accept that billy ha ... *ai* ...