Monday, April 24, 2006

Screaming for Changes

Yoke Ping has been complaining that I didn't update my blog frequent enough (and yet I always accuse her of being lazy...haha). Sigh....but what's there to blog about a boring life?

I definately need some changes in life. What the hell am I doing on a bright Sunday morning? I was playing free yahoo games and got addicted to the stupid Family Feud game. What a cheap thrill. *sigh*
And also spend the whole day chatting silly in the messenger, listening to music while reading fashion mag at the same time. And not forgetting blogging about my boring life. And then playing mahjong for the whole noon with my parents...which end up no amusement at all because I lost more than RM10. After being defeited over the mahjong table, now I'm in my stuffy room again, blogging about my pathetically boring life and waiting for more freinds to online and chat the lonely hours away. But how many lonely soul out there will entertain me at this hour? Everyone seems to have something to be busy about.
I definately has to make some changes in my life. Leave Unisem, leave Ipoh. Go somewhere where I can have some sparks in my life. Having a relationship doesn't really spark anything. Guys can be boring too. I kinda enjoy my so call single life now. But I really need to make some changes. The life that I have now is certainly not the one that I desire. I'm living a life of an old retired maid. Spend most of the time at work, longing for the arrival of weekends but yet no where to go.
I really don't know what and where I am heading to. Everyone is out there, digging their own gold mine. Having their own great time.

Changes! Changes! Changes!

I know it's all up to me to make my own changes. It's my life afterall. My parents would definately want me to stay here in Ipoh but I'd already make a pledge to leave Ipoh by 2007. But a small part in my heart still longing to be here. I will miss my family, my colleagues cum friends and also definately will miss my co-dependent life. But if I want some changes and spice, there's something that I'll have to sacrifice. But is a lazy and co-dependent person like me ready for the higher urbanization?

And at the moment I can only daydream about my future. Leaving Ipoh might not be as fun as I hope it will be. I may regret leaving monotonous Ipoh. But no pain no gain, right? And I still need to gain more than what I have now. So the big question is 'Am I ready?' Sigh....I'm feeling like running in circles. After all the frustration and urges of breaking away from my boring life, I may as well just end up no where but at the starting point. But I'm that kind of person, if nothing pushes me, I will just be static.

Maybe I should start taking baby steps first. Erm, like changing a new hairstyle? I've been keeping the same dull long re-bonded hair for 4 years. But yet I'm not bold enough to do so. It's not easy growing my hair......and mostly guys will prefer long hair. hakhakhak :p Perhaps dye it. Ooo...I bought a pair of colour lenses: FreshKon Alluring Eyes (which claims to make our eyes bigger and brighter). I took the enchanting brown.

See the difference?

It feels weird and uncomfortable wearing a colour lense. My vision became a bit blur due to te colours in the lens. I was a bit freaked out because the lens cost me RM59.90(one pair only). But was relieved when the little booklet said that vision will improve after some time adaptation. It might help little in opening up my eyes but at least it's a colour lens. Hehe. But I don't think I will wear this to work....because I'm still not use to it. Just save for some important dates. Yeehaw. Well, at least some small changes. Hehe!

Ok, I need to work up on the Sungkai Hot Spring pictures. Hope I can post it up by today.

p/s: and also some damn Unisem paperwork to do tonight. ......sigh........

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  1. At last I can write something here. The page just dont upload and display for me ..
    Ei .. kelly, what you mean by "silly chat in messenger"? Do you mean chatting with me is kinda silly? Ai ...
    Screaming for changes eh?! I bet there is alot of us wanting to have changes. Spices are made from us with our friends. If we don't have group of friends, wont have the sparks just wont happen.
    About the contact lens .. dont really see the difference la. Maybe you made your eyes bigger than the normal ones eh?! Hehe .. but brown ah ... nice meh? Dunno .. need to find out ... :D
    wah .. important dates .. dun tell me it's him ah?? *illy .. haha