Saturday, March 25, 2006

What kind of nerd are you?

I just love doing quiz like this. And I just found out that I'm a nerd wannabe. What? A nerd wannabe? I thought I'm more nerd than just as a nerd wannabe? If I'm not a nerd, then what am I doing here, in front of my computer, blogging on a Friday's night?

I am nerdier than 32% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

But of course, I would rather go out than stay in front of my com all the time. Sometime I just want to stay cosy in my room. But some of the time (like now), I'm dying to get out. Yes, I have to admit that I'm not a nerd afterall but certainly not hip either. :(

Feeling better

Last night I woke up with blood in my mouth. I was so shocked, it was quite an amount of blood. I don't know what went wrong. My gum wound doesn't hurt.But the potato face had subside a little. I think it might be some clogged blood in the wall of my mouth?
I went to the dentist this morning and he simply examine my mouth. He said everything looks fine.....but why the heck am I vomitting blood? I mean, I'm not exactly vomitting the blood but HECK...there WAS BLOOD!!! I wasn't too freak out....somehow I thought this was a good thing because I could see my potato face became less swollen. I don't mind spitting out more blood if I could get rid of the f**king potato from my face.
But the good thing was I had another medical leave today. HAHA. It's very unlikely to be able to work only 2 days in a week. Although I could not leave the house(except going to the dental clinic), but I really enjoy all the time I had. I could do everything I want, laze around the house, blog...just anything! But actually I'm kinda bored at the same time but doing nothing is always better than doing work(workalcoholic might strongly disagree). I even had time to update my other blog.

And I also discover some marvellous thing that ACDSee 6.0 could do to pictures. I know there's some GOD software like Photoshop but I only have ACDSee 6.0 in my desktop and I'm never too brilliant in this photo editing thing. But look what I'd learn....all by myself! ^___^

Original photo taken with my 0.3mp webcam.

I mingled with some of the modifying function, add some colours here and add, add some contrast, reduce some fact, I don't really remember what I did. But the outcome was not bad....not just 'not bad', I think it's pretty good. ^___^
I played with all the modifying effects, some like black and white or sepia were kinda normal so I don't wanna brag about it here. But some effects are really awesome!

Oilpainting Effect
So this is out I look on a painting.

Wind Effect
Gone with the wind.

Scattered Tiles Effect
This is kinda cool.Hehe

Coloured Edge Effect
I have thick eyebrows and moustache.

Friday, March 24, 2006

My 100 things

I see some avid bloggers has this '100 things' in their blog....and it's really cool to list 100 things about yourself.
So, here's 100 things about me ^___^

1. My favourite colour are pink and purple or a mixture of both, lilac. When buying things, I'll always go for this two shades. I begin to collect stuff in pink/purple. I want to decorate my room full with my favourite colours.

2. I am the only child in my family. Most people thought that I'm being very pampered by my family. True and false. Who's the victim on one of my mom's bad mood day? Me! Who took the blame when something went wrong in the house(like broken glass and stuff like that)? Me! *sigh*

3. I always wanted a big brother which look really gorgeous. When I was 12 years old. I always wanted Jimmy Lin to be my brother.

4. The saddest day of my life was the day my grandma passed away. I was walking out from the cinema when I received the shocking news. It's my biggest regret that I was not able to see her before she went.

5. I have difficulty with numbers. I can't remember numbers. Not even my own car plate. I can't calculate anything more than 2 digits. I always rely on calculator. This make me feel downright autistic.

6. I love my computer. I love doing stuff with my pc. First thing I do when I woke up on Saturday and Sunday (or when I am not working), is switch on my PC, play some mp3 and online.

7. I love blogging. I love when people read and comment on my blog. This make me feel like a journalist.

8. It's because I love writing.

9. I'm a shopacholic. Not the serious case because I still could pay my credit card bills and save a few pennies. But I just love shopping and also an impulse buyer most of the time. I could never walk out from my favourite boutique empty handed.

10. I always wanted to learn how to make my own template. It's so difficult to find a template that actually reflects me. (But I do like my current one, will keep it for some time being).

11. Once I wrote a poetry and it got published in the local newspaper. I am proud ^_^

12. I can't speak English as good as I write. And I have this colleague who laughs at my started when I didn't know the other meaning of 'wake'.

13. I love animals more than little kids. Children are annoying.

14. But I never had a real pet. I only had fishes and chicks. Now I have a turtle. I always wanted to have a puppy.

15. Biggest fear : Roller coaster ride....or any thrill rides of that kind.

16. I love coffee. But I only drink coffee on Saturday and Sunday when I am not working. I become hyperactive after taking the caffeinated drink.

17. I'm good in arts and crafts. Don't believe? Check this out : Kelly Discover

18. My childhood hobby till now : Collecting stamps. I have 12 large albums of stamps. Too many unarrange stamps in the multipurpose box, but I will sort them out when I'm in the mood. I can go hours sorting my stamps out.

19. I collect postcard as well. I even blog about my collection. (Hehe) Posfinity

20. I am a messy and disorganize person. Can't blame me. I am an art person and I collect too many stuff.

21. I'm a selfish person.

22. I'm a Geminian which portrays double personality. Sometime good. Sometimes evil.

23. I am not a loyal lover. I won't give my heart 100% solely to one person. I strongly believe that we should not trust anyone 100%. But I won't cheat or two timing my partner. I just think that we should not give too much to one person.

24. I hate my work. In fact, I hate working. I want to work for myself and not work for others.

25. I dream of opening a boutique.

26. I like guys with small eyes and sexy mouth. Tall and cool.

27. I hate sports. And I suck at all sorts of sports. >_<

Stephen Chow is my favourite comedian. I could rewatch his movies for countless times. He was even listed in the Wikipedia.

29. I think I'm funny and witty. ^___^

30. I have very good long term memory. I can remember events very well. But poor short term memory. Always forget where I put my stuff.

31. I'm a fast sleeper. I dooze off pretty fast. And I like to play SMS before I sleep.

32. I don't think I'm pretty or attractive. I wish I were fairer and have a small pointy nose.

33. I can't write or read Chinese.....even though I'm a Chinese but I'm English/Malay educated. Not mastering the Chinese language is one of my greatest regret.

34. I don't have a passport. The only country I'd been to is Thailand (without using a passport!).

35. My must-go country list : Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Germany. If I have the money, I wish to go as many European country as I can afford. Travelling is FUN FUN FUN!

36. I love my hometown a lot!

37. I live and work in my hometown. I live with my parents (which is a blessing).

38. I prefer Chinese music to English music.

39. I love to read historical romance novel. My favourite author is Judith McNaught.

41. I'd been to 3 funerals in 2005. I even lost a friend in suicide.

42. I am lazy and hate doing housework.

43. I love watching anime. I downlaod a lot from the internet. I think I have about 50 titles. I should keep a list of my animes.

44. I failed twice in driving test. Even after I passed, I hesitated to drive until I was 23. Now my colleagues are complaining that I drive too fast. But they are those idiotic colleagues (refer #30). And I can't drive manual.

45. Another bad habit is biting my own lips.

46. My favourite singer is Jay Chou. He was listed in Wikepedia too.

47. I'd been using computer since I was 14.

48. I'm not a morning person. I hate getting up late. I'm nocturnal. I love staying up late. (hence the dark eye circles).

49. I hate public speaking. I totally hate giving speeches and presentation. I will stutter at some point.

50. I'm not as hardworking as some of my other colleagues. I always wanted to go home fast. Workalcholics have NO life!

51. I love pen palling. And I still write and keep in touch with some of my best pen pal. But sometimes I took months to reply them.....another bad habits. My best pen pal is from Germany. We've been writing for 3 years.

52. I despise Chinese people who refuse to speak Chinese but speaks mainly English, as if they do not know their mother tongue language. Kindly refer to Chinese in Malaysia and Chinese in Malaysia2, the two greatest and longest entry that I'd ever wrote(but no one comment on it......-_-)

53. I laugh a lot. My best laughing buddy is Mun Yee.

54. Stupidity annoys me. I hate stupid and immature guy. I have a guy friend who is stupid and immature.

55. I crave for cheese to the max : cheese cakes, lasagna, spaghetti carbonara, macaroni and cheese, Cheezel Rings. I have a book that tells all about cheese, history, different type of cheese and recipes.

56. And I could bake cheese cakes! I can make Oreo Cheesecake, Choc Moist Cheesecake and New York Cheesecake. Yummy!

57. I love Japanese cuisine. My favourite restaurant is Moritomo, located inside Jaya Jusco, Ipoh. I just love the salmon sashimi to the MAX! I want to try the real fresh sashimi from Japan. My colleague told me that it could just melt in your mouth!

58. And I could make sushi too. They are not bad in taste.....but not as good looking.

59. I don't like durians. But my mom does. So do my whole family. I'm so outcast. -_-

60. I hate beer and any alcoholic drinks. I don't enjoy wine. They taste like medicine.

61. I don't think I'm pretty or sexy enough. If plastic surgery is not so expensive and painful, I will consider altering some part of me. (Refer #32)

62. Looking good is very important to me. I do care how other people look at me. But I don't apply much make up when I go out(because I'm not good at it).

63. I always prefer myself with short hair but when now my hair is this long, I don't have the heart to cut it. It took me 3 years to such long hair.

64. I do think my hair style is dead boring. I should put some colour on it. Say, dark blonde? Which I think could make me look fairer and very kawaii. Yes, I really do think so. I will dye my hair before my birthday.

65. I dream of marrying a rich man and I don't have to work.

66. I fall in and out of love too easily. (Refer #23)

67. One thing that I like about myself is my height. That's all....:(

68. But I still like who I am. Just can't help complaining.

69. I still live with my parents....which is a blessing. ^_^

70. I love the feeling of being pursue. I enjoy the lavishing attention given and all the sweet flattering flirts.

71. I love Chinese food. Malaysian food is super too. Malaysia is a gourmet's paradise, I tell ya.

72. As for Malaysian food, I love nasi lemak the most.

73. I love to watch horror movie. There is NO horror movie that I don't dare to watch. (Refer to Horror Movies)

74. I like Beatles music. I doubt if any of my friends like their music too. But they are so evergreen.

75. I love to watch dramas. I can watch 5 hours in one stretch. I love Hong Kong dramas (only TVB) and some Korea dramas (which is not so soap opera type). I cannot handle Taiwan dramas (which is soooo teenny booperish). I don't like watching China or Singapore drama(except Phua Chu Kang). None of them are as interesting and fast like TVB dramas.

76. I used to learn some basic Japanese. I could write all the Hiraganas. But then I forgot all......

77. I spent a lot on my personal computer. I have 2 printers, 1 scanner, 1 amplifier speaker, 1 webcam, using streamyx.(Refer #6) Hmm...what else should I get?

78. I'm not fond of sweet things. I seldom eat candy, ice creams or tong sui, cakes(except cheesecake).

79. I hate doing housework. I am lazy.

80. I got bad grades for Mathematics. (Refer #5) But I scored 2As in SPM Add Maths and Modern Maths.

81. I like singing although I don't have a powerful voice. I like going to karaoke.

82. I prefer Chinese songs more than English songs.

83. I always like to watch Reality Shows like American Idol (Malaysian Idol sucks big time, glad they don't have that anymore), American Next Top Model, Survivors, The Apprentice, Project Runway etcs. Even though sometimes they seem too dramatic and fake but they could be so entertaining watching they back stabbing each other and that is just so reality.

84. I love reading historical romance novel. My favourite author is Judith McNaught.

85. I like PC games. But I only managed to finish Age of Mythology and War Carft III. I used to got addicted with The Sims. I even upgraded my graphic card just to play The Sims2. But not much time for this anymore.

86. I once thought that I might be a lesbian and I got freaked out. Can't blame me. I was put in an all-girls school for 12 years!!!!

87. I used to be very boyish and kept short hair all the time during my school time. (Refer to #86)

88. I don't smoke. Never even tasted the ciggy before and don't even want to.

89. I'd been admitted to the hospital once when I was 6 years old. I think I had lung infection. I stayed for 2 days and remember the details quite well.

90. I wear glasses and have quite a serious case of short eye-sight. I can't recognize anyone without my glasses.

91. I wear contact lenses at the age of 17 years old. I bought my first pair with my very first part time salary. I took 1 hour on the first time trying to put on the lenses.

92. Despite disliking to do housework (refer #79), I actually like cooking. I bought a lot of recipe books trying to imagine cooking everything. Yes, imagine now. I'll cook when I marry a rich man and don't have to work anymore. (Refer #65)

93. I don't have a passport (yet).

94. I tend to procrastinate my work. Terrible habit, I know.

95. Most lonely birthday was in year 2004. I spent it all alone in my room, in the busy city of KL.

96. I always wanted to be webdesigners, webmaster, anything to do with computers and designing. Yes, I really do think I took the wrong degree course(refer #97).

97. BTW, I was graduated with a degree in Chemistry. I took this course because I got good grades in Chemistry, which I think is an easy subject to score but in fact not an interesting subject to study.

98. I'm a collector. I collect almost everything. Postcard, stamps, ribbons, cute things, letter pads, stickers, pretty candles......I kept too much rubbish!

99. I love playing mahjong. I learn this 2 years ago.

100. I can't make my own decision. I rely too much on other people. This is because I am afraid of making mistake and if I do, I can blame it on others. Haha.

It's not easy writing my 100 things but it's super fun! It took me 3 days to finally come up with this list.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Feel Station

I changed my blog's name (again). Old title was 'The Moon Shines on You' which doesn't have any meaning at all. I just like the sound of it....
And so I'd come up with the new name of my blog.
which is very cool.
'My Feel Station'
Ain't cool? Heh heh.And the name serves a very straightforward is in fact everyone's feel station, where you pour out your stories, secrets, feeling, anger, happiness, discoveries, practically everything. So My Feel Station it is. ^__^

And ooo...if you wonder where did I came up with such brilliant name, actually there's a cafe named Fill Station. People from my hometown(Ipoh) should heard of this place. I'd never been there but I think the cafe is there for quite sometime being. Well, I'm not so creative with names afterall.-_-

Potato face

Last night, I could just sleep on my left side.....when my favourite sleeping side has always been my right side. Whatsoever, I still had a good sleep despite the pain. When I woke up today, the pain was lesser but when I touched my face, hoping that the swell has subside but disappointedly the bump is still there. I don't dare to look at the mirror......because I know I still have the potato face with me. What if I was to stuck with this potato face for the rest of my life? I already got a flat nose and now an unbalance face? OMG OMG OMG . Please don't treat me like this. I'd never done anything bad enough to deserve this. My self esteem is already low enough. How am I going to go work with this condition? I could be the laughing stock for the whole day. But I don't dare to take too many days off because my boss will be so piss off. *sigh*
I went to the dentist(again) immediately after my oatmeal breakfast. He was suprised to see my swollen face too. He said I was the unfortunate case because this was his first case of serious swelling he had seen this year. I hope I didn't heard wrong that he said his first case in his entire career. But he doesn't look too worry and gave some more antibiotic pills. And he told me that he could give me another 2 days of medical leaves if I'm not able to go to work. *sigh* But I don't think my potato face is a good reason for my boss that I skip work for so many days. I feel like scaring my boss with my potato face......hahaha. I better don't think too much about what my other colleagues say, in fact, they are just all big idiots.

As for today, I will just continue to blog blog and blog. Nothing much I can do on a potato face day. I don't even want to leave my room, let alone going out (except this morning when I had to go to the dentist). And God, I haven't had solid food for 24 hours! I could just take rice and oatmeal porridge. I need to CHEW! Anything....I just want to goddamn CHEW something!

So here's the potato face in real person:
It really did swell up like tat and no cotton or chocolate inside my mouth.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Painful night

Heard of Blog Mad? Now they are open for public. When I first joined, I had to ask for invitation and someone kind from the forum sent me an invitation instantly. It's a cool blog traffic booster. If you are using Blog Explosion you'll probably like Blog Mad tonnes more. Just like Blog Explosion, it gives you credit whenever you're reading other member's blog and at the same time use the credit you earn to drive traffic to your blog. But unlike Blog Explosion, with Blog Mad you can actually filter what you want to review. As for me, I don't want to view anything about sports, politics, religion and boring stuff like those. >_<

I'm still learning more about blog enhancer such as Blog Advance and Blog Rolling. Hmm, I still don't get much about what the two site do to bloggers like us but I see that a lot of bloggers use them. Hmmm....still a lot to learn.

BTW, I just changed my template design. Credits to Pannasmontata (where I took the template codes) and Stacey Leung (where I took the daisy images and idea). *sigh* I just don't know how to deal with the codes and everything, but I'm kinda proud with this new template. But I still think it need more pink in it.

So, this was what I'd done the whole day at home. Sitting in front of the PC doing nothing but blog blog and blog. And my face has swollen like a potato. The doctor was kind enough to give me 2 day medical leaves.....but hey, I paid RM450, I could even ask for 1 week leave permission from him. >_< But actually at first I was thinking of going to work tomorrow because I had some work that I need to follow up....but after seeing my swollen reflection in the mirror, I might just stay at home than going to work and turning into a laughing stock. Now my face has this terrible swollen case. *sigh* I look funny. I'd thought of putting a picture of my unbalance face here.....but I don't want to put any ugly pictures in my pretty blog.

Good night everyone.

One tooth lesser

Remember that few post earlier I was talking about the wisdom tooth that's really annoying. But now it's BYE BYE GONE!
The dentist visit was truly a nightmare for me. Last night I finally decided to get the stupid tooth out from me because it's really killing me softly. The pain even spread down to my trout and to the adjacent teeth. I'd bear this for 3 weeks. 3 DAMN WEEKS, can you imagine how reluctant I was today to finally sit onto the dentist's chair?
Dr. Kuan, a man in his 40's is a really nice doctor, talking to me in real gentle voice. Erased some of the horrible faces of a dentist I had pictured earlier(since I was a kid). As soon as I told him my wisdom tooth hurts, without even looking at it, he said 'You'll need to get it out' faster than I can open my mouth. At first Dr. Kuan X-rayed my problematic tooth, showed me how desperate it had been. From the X-ray photo you can see that the stupid tooth had already grown to the wrong direction, which was the main reason why it's annoying me so much. You see, it's not that I'm gutless or what, taking a wisdom tooth out is not the regular dental's actually a minor surgery because the doctor need to cut the damn tooth out!
Then I told Dr. Kuan I'll come back after I had my breakfast with my dad (luckily my dad accompany me through the whole ordeal), trying to buy some time to reduce my fear. Before I left, I asked how much this surgery will's RM450!!!!!!!!!!!
What needs to be has to be done. So after the tasteless breakfast (not because of the food), I was on the dentist chair again. This was even tougher than I thought. Scarier than the roller coaster ride I had in Genting(at least I can scream during the ride). The 30 minutes on the dentist's chair was really really really the scariest moment of my entire life. The most painful part was the doctor gave me the anaesthesia injection. He had to inject a few times around the tooth. Please be fast. Please be fast. I could hear the drilling, blood and salive suction machine, the surgery knife hitting my teeth.....The scariest part was when he was twisting and pulling the tooth out from me. I couldn't feel the pain because my mouth was already numb like a stone, but I could feel the preassure. I just don't know why but I was sooooo scare and Dr. Kuan kept soothing me like a baby. I don't know what he was doing, I could feel that he kept drilling and drilling and the nurse keep sucking out the mess. And then before I know and POP it was out. Haha! Too bad he didn't show me the tooth.
He promised me that this won't be longer than 20 minutes......but it was 30 mins!!! *sweats*

And at the time I was writing this, the anaesthesia effect is almost gone and I could feel the pain crawling to reality. I need some rest now.

My wisdom tooth = RM450 = Is actually a stupid tooth

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Some loving

A quick one today.
I'd got some loving from my Joe today. Flowers sent to the place I worked. Here's for show off.

It took me by suprise when my colleague told me that I got a call from guard house telling me that I have a bouquet there. I didn't take it immediately because I don't want to take the flowers back to my office. I'm sure my colleagues will make fun of me (especially Ng and Ooi >_<). So I kept the beauty at the guard house until I got off work.
It's not my birthday, not our anniversary.....just some loving from him. And the cards says : I miss you so much. How sweet ^___^
Yes, I know giving flowers is a waste of money. It's not something that you can eat or use it. And it will dry out in a couple of days. But how many girls out there who actually doesn't like such portrayal of dead plants, hands up! I am one of such girl who has the weak spot for flowers.
By the way, my favourite flowers is daisy. Those little flowers which stood beside the roses, which main duty is to support the beauty of the roses. But to me, daisies are really cute and beautiful. Especially if you have a garden of colourful small daisies. Ain't it wonderful?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

My colleagues

Nothing much to blog about today. Not in the mood to blab much.
Just got some pictures to share. Taken last two week, was a triple celebration....promotion of Chow and Esther and Ng's birthday.

Cake preparation

Birthday boy. 31 pieces of candles on the cake. Hahaha.

The Unisem gang. Take 1. Not much pose.

Unisem gang. Take 2. Only me with a different pose. -_-

I swear it was an accident. I swear!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Have you watch Underworld : Evolution?

Have you watch the hottest movie in town?
Actually I wanted to post about this movie that I watched yesterday, right after I came back from the cinema. But then I went searching for some sunflower blog skin for Yoke Ping.....which end up with nothing impressing enough for her. >___<

(I don't know what happen to this post but half of this post was GONE???)
Edited on March 21,2006
I was actually talking about this movie Underworld. I spent the first hour of this movie trying to figure out the names of the character, who's who and trying to understand the flashback of the first movie. Kate Beckinsale was a total babe as Selene but the hottie in this movie IS -------------------------------------------->

OMG OMG Look at his cleave chin. There was this scene when he was making out with Selene....his cleavage (I mean his cleave chin, you dirty ass) was so adorably CUTE when he was looking sideway, kissing Selene. AAAAAARRRRGGHHHHH

Here's another chin cleavage picture of Scotty, the under-rated actor. Yummy. =D

No, I don't like John Travolta. Never did. I hate actor who dance. -_-

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Take a break from work

4.42pm in my room, blogging. Why am I blogging at this time? It's because I took half day off from my work. Wahaha. This feels soooo damn good. Isn't it good if we only work 4 hours. Sometimes(well, most of the time...well, actually I mean everyday), I felt sooo over-worked. The pay is high but it's just too much work for me. Everyday is like in battlefield. This urgent. That fast track. Every shit is urgent shit. And I was assigned to the two most shitty customer. Yeah, Yoke Ping was right, your blog IS the right place to let go your frustration and I'm going to curse like there's no tomorrow. But no cursing today, coz I'm enjoying my day off. *la la la*

At first I took the day off to visit the horrible dentist. I wanted to check on my wisdom tooth that tend to take forever to sprout it's halfway growing out from the gums and so damn painful. I almost did go to the dental clinic but suddenly it feels like walking to hell. Well, erm...I think there's no need to see Dr. Jekyll. A little pain from wisdom tooth growth is nothing serious. Haha (nervous laugh). Damn my colleagues who told me endless scary dentist stories.

Oooo....there's some funny stuff from my work. Not really funny but it humours me. Well, I think it O humours me. Here's what I found out during the Monthly Engineering Review Meeting:
1. The VP(Vice President) doesn't know 10 micron is equal to how many mils.
2. He, the VP also doesn't know what STD DEV stands for.
Lesson learnt : One do not need to be clever to become filthy rich. And they do not need to know maths or use EXCEL to become the VP of a semiconductor manufacturing company.

This is how I look like when in the production line. It's called the 'bunny suit' because it's all white. Not a brilliant name because I thought it comes with a bunny ear when I first heard of it.
p/s: I looked like a horrible dentist. AAKK!!!

By the time I'm about to end my entry today, it's already 6.11pm. I didn't realize that I need 2 hours to write such a short entry. Whoa *___*

I won't be writing anymore later because I'll be going to watch Underworld : Evolution. I didn't even watch the prequel....hope I won't get too confuse. I even went to a few DVD shop to search for Underworld 1 but all GOD DAMN SOLD OUT!!!!! Why now only they want to buy the part 1???? Why don't they just download it from the internet? Why don't they watch it earlier when it was shown in the cinema? Why don't the DVD seller keep the last one for me? Sheesssh
I'm demanding when it comes to movie. I want the clear picture of the whole story. I hate watching sequel without knowing the first movie. I never done this before. I have a feeling that I might not like this movie. Hmm...we'll see about this later.

Ooo...I also got into a fight with Inspector Joe because he doesn't like me going to the cinema with 3 guys and a girl, mainly because there's 3 guys. They are all my colleagues for God's sake. How more mature can he grows? I hope a lot more.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Horror Movies

I did a long post about horror movies that I'd watched and enjoyed. The post was long and so I thought, yeah, blog about this stuff too. Hehe.

I dig horror movies. I'll be the first to ask(and beg those chicken hearted ones) my friends/colleagues whenever there's new horror movie showing in cinema. Love the spookiness, enjoy the cuddling up and wait for the scare. I'm not one of those fear factor material....I'll edge to one side, tugging hard on something, sometimes my sweater, sometime people around me, sometimes my pillow if watching at home, felt as if it was real, urging the actress/actor to hide away from the thing, held my breath preparing for the scary scene and freak out when it gets too gory. Watching horror movie is even more fun than Genting's stupid roller coaster ride....Corkscrew is what it's called, I think...but I say, screw you roller coaster inventor coz you nearly gave me a heart attack. And I swear never in my life I will put my butt on that screw stuff again.

Ok, here's the list of horror movies that I think it good (which dwell in my head for some days after watching it) with good storyline of course.

The Shutter (Thailand) - Best ghost horror movie I'd seen!!!
The Phone (Korea) - Weird way of haunting but the plot was good.
Dark Water (Japan) - Slow but the anticipation was there.
Wishing Stairs (Korea) - Pretty ghost, great story
Tales of The Two Sister (Korea) - Great directing,beautiful movie. I like this the at 2nd time watching it.
Into The Mirror (Korea) - Another weird way of haunting but I kinda like this.
Battle Royale(Japan) - Creative! But not scary at all.
The Eye(Hong Kong) - I like The Eye2.
Mae Nak(Thailand) - Sequel of Nang Nak. Good! And the goriest movie I'd watch in the cinema so far.

The Sixth Sense - All time favourite ending of all horror movies.
Texas Chainsaw Masacre - Goriest movie I'd watch. I know there are plenty more gory movie but this is my limit. Aaakkk...
Dawn of The Dead - Best zombie movie.
Final Destination I,II & III - Creative ways of dying. And the roller coaster ride in Final D3 really did gave me a superbig chill.
IT - Clown-phobia during my childhood after watching this. But <3 Jonathan Brandis
Wrong Turn - Cheap thrills but worth watching (better than I Know What You F**King Did Last Summer)
Alien - Aakkkk....chestburster.....akkkk....Gave me nightmares.
Nightmare of Elm Street - Aaaakkk.....long nails....akkkk.....Give me even more nightmares.
Skeleton Key - Sad and suprising ending. Clever plot/storyline.
Exorcism of Emily Rose(US) - Make me feeling sad only at the end.
Pet Cemetary(US) - Another classic horror flick that I like.

Lousy Ones
The Park (Hong Kong) - Stupid ending. Damn stupid ending.
Ju-On (Japan) - Trying too hard to scare the viewers. The ghost got too close to the screen and make it look too fake.
The Ring (Japan) - Too slow. Overated.
Suicide Circle (Japan) - Wasted my time. Stupid ending. Too difficult to understand.
Thirteen Ghost(US) - Too many ghost
The Wig(Korea) - Another weird way of haunting....and what the heck GAY GHOST???? Directors/publishers are getting more and more creative with gay blockbuster movies. First, it was 'Alexander the Gay'...I mean the Great. Then 'The Wig' and then The Brokeback Mountain. Gay hero, gay ghost, gay cowboys. What else could it be, I wonder. I'm so eager to find out.

Too many Hollywood haunted movies that's sooooo lousy that I can't even recall the title. They can't get too far from haunted mansion, haunted asylum. Werewolf, vampires, bugs....those stuff are just not scary or evil enough. Why can't they be more creative like the Korean when come to haunting stuff? Perhaps haunted craddle, haunted refrigerator, haunted ....erm....haunted blog? Whahahaha. But honestly, those Hollywood horror flick in the 80's was really good.

Here's a link about 100 scariest movie moments. I had a good laugh.

I wanted to put some pictures regarding today's post but .......erm, I don't think so. I don't want to spoil my pretty blog. ^___^

Monday, March 13, 2006

Overdue pictures

Here's some photos which I should upload here long time ago. It's so out-dated....all because my stupid digicam was acting stupid recently so I rely all on Nai's cam. But she never told me that she uploaded them in her >____<
Actually they were not too long ago and such sweet memory must be showcased here in my blog.

31st January, 2006-Heritage Hotel

Shelley(Nai), May and Me. May-mother of 1 son....and still looking good.

Me & Joe at hotel lobby. This pic taken with Mun Yee's 2.0mp cameraphone (SE K750). Quality not bad, huh. I WANT A GOD DAMN SE PHONE TOO!!!!!

Bunch of colourful ladies. Top left : Fong, Me, Debbie, Ping. Bottom left : Nai, Mun Yee and May. I really like the colour match here but someone should wear red on CNY.

The gang. From left : Hong, Wei Yung, Chee Chau aka mangchew, Fong, Joe(my bibi), Ken(May's husband), Stephen(si tai fun), Mun Yee, May, Ping, Fai(Debbie's bf), Debbie, Nai and me.


1st February, 2006 - Friday Cafe

Super nice colour match. And yes, this time someone in red. Erm, lack of yellow. From left : Mary, Shelley(Nai), Ping, Me and Fong.

Oooo....artistic! Actually this was the first take of the above picture but re-shoot due to the water vapour from the fan above(you know, those huge fan spraying water vapour to look cool). But it gave an artistic effect. Cool!

Mary, Shelley and Ping.

The Hot Couple. Jun Yean (I can't spell his name) and Fong.

The Hotter Couple. Blue angels.

Girls are Fong and Me. Guys are Yee Chuen and Mun Loong (he want to be known as Isaac now)


11th February,2006, somewhere in Jelapang
The two picture below were not from Shelley's cam but my own. Well, no more excuse for showing out-dated photos. But those are nice pic. Hehe.
Who else? On the way to Lee's(colleague @ Unisem) house in Jelapang. Quite a distance from my place and the day was super hot, had to cover myself with sweater. But I think I look good in this. One of my best shot. Haha. How I wish I know some cool photoshop techniques.

After 'bai nin' with my colleague, we went to the huge show house at Jelapang area. I tell you, this show house is extremely....super....BIG!!!! like a mansion ppl use in movies. I regretted for not taking more pictures of this house. I'm thinking of going back to this house to take more pics of it. I didn't take any pics with my colleagues because they were not much of those picture taking kinda ppl. *duh*

End of picture showcase ^____^(curtain drops)
I begin to love taking pictures. YAY!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Shopping Spree FEE-VAH!

I've been shopping like there's no tomorrow. What's that all about? It's like a disease. I can't help but spend spend spend. There's always at least one thing that attracts so much to me that I can't walk home without it. Ipoh is just a small busy town......and I could find so much goodies laying around the peaceful town. I don't dare to know what it'll be like if I were at Kay El. I got this shopacholic disease not long ago, if I'm not wrong, it's sometime back in September last year when I started to hang out with haopo Mun Yee. At first it's Closet Boutique, then it's My Boutique. Someone stop me.
Today I was at JJ with my cousin sis, Chyi from 11am till 5am. I was suppose to meet up with my friends to discuss about our Singapore trip but Nai Nai's father was admitted to the hospital(again). So I end up shopping with Chyi and then watched Final Destination 3(gross and creative ways of dying). And I'd spent ~RM400. *sigh* Someone please stop me. Or please subsidy my hobby.
Hmm...nvm,forget about the lost moolah, let's look what goodies I've just bring home ^____^

Shiseido Eye Mask (RM229), I need to reduce my serious case dark eye circles but Wrinklelift? I asked the promoter, 'Are you sure', she said that's the only thing that could help me. I felt so old. Must try last chance of beauty revival. A pair of 100% lovely keychain plushies(RM33.80). Pink for me and brown for him. ^___^
Free gifts from Shiseido. Yay!

FEMALE & CLEO Mags. Postcards for my postie pals. All from MPH.
DIY convenient box(RM3.90), I have no use of those now but I just love folding boxes, plus the colour and design is cute. Horoscope Cancer handbook (RM5.90) for Joe. *Gasp* Did I just wrote Cancer? I suppose to get Libra!!!!!!!!! AAAAKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another disadvantages of not being able to read Chinese. But I should see the damn crab! What's in my head????? And what should I do with this Cancer book? DIY Wool Doll.(RM28.60), it's just too cute and I want to make everything in it. All from POPULAR.
Those stuff not bought today. I spot the cute pink furry handphone charm at Pasar Malam and bought it for RM5! Great deal from Pasar Malam. Pink scrunchie(RM6.90), bought last Saturday when shopping at JJ with Mun Yee.
Pink shoes from Vincci (RM39.90 and 20% off the shoes), great bargain, I wanted to grab more shoes but it was too many people at the shop at that time and I just not in the mood to stay too long when it's too crowded.
Purple layered skirt from My Boutique(RM69). This look really pretty when pair with a purple spaghetti top.
Blue batik printed wrap skirt (RM69), My Boutique. Most elaborated skirt I'd ever bought but it's really nice when wrap around in it.

Purple spaghetti top, I bought this to pair with the purple skirt.^_^

Not one my great bargain but a great pressie from my best friend, Debbie. Love the design and absolute the right the colour for me!

My over-exhausted legs that walk me through all my great findings and bargains.

Men that I loathe

I am never in any anti-guy clique but recently I found that there are actually some disgusting creature entering my well preserved princessy life.
In my 25 years of living, men around me are nice or pretending to be nice. Or at least most of them are educated people. Usually guys around me treat very good, even my boss treats me very good(my other colleague say I'm the boss's pet-_-). Perhaps I'm being too pampered....but how can you blame me? I'd grown up as an only child and so used with all the pampering and good treatments. And always use the advantages of being a girl to the fullest. Haha. But just recently I got to know some really mean man....not mean in order of heartless or that stuff....but just in terms of not having any courtesy in being friends.
And so I'll elaborate the guys that I loathe till I could vomit frogs.

1. Immature smart assy.
There is trainee dude at my work place who falls exactly in this category. At first he's polite and helpful, mainly due to his trainee status....pretending to be polite and helpful to test the water. As usual, I treat everyone I work with as friends and I am being friendly with this trainee jerk. We talked about everything like good friends and I introduced him to my group of colleagues that I have breakfast and lunch with every working day. Him, a very talkative chatterbox, knew almost everyone in an instance. But me, as one of his early friends, got nothing but rude and smart ass remarks from him everyday. Me, being a girl, a year older than him, also an engineer, I really do think I deserve at least a little respect from him. I don't look forward for him buy me lunch or any special treatment but at least show some RESPECT! Respect for a friend. Respect for a girl. I try not to keep in mind that he commented a lot on my work, saying that I will be the last person to get promoted, saying that I don't have guts and no confidence. Who is he to tell me all those bullshit?
And just yesterday, the conversation goes like this:

Trainee Jerk(talking to my process tech) : Tonight are you going to Alan's farewell dinner?
(Since I am not going, so I kept quiet)
Tech : Of course, 8pm right?
Jerk : Yea, but most of them are leaving early. No 2nd round after the dinner?
Tech : I'm not sure. (Tech is very busy programming the machine).
Jerk : Lets ask Alan what he wants to do after this.
Tech : ...............(concentrate on the monitor screen)
Me : Eating at 1919 again?
Tech : I don't think so.
Jerk : Come on, lets go talk with Alan.
Me : Why don't you go talk to Alan yourself and then let S(tech's name) know about it later...since you've got nothing to do now.
Jerk : Don't talk so much! (with harsh voice... SOTB!!!!)
Me : Why you are talking so much too? Can't you see S is busy now? (raising my voice)
Tech : Yea, I can't leave my work now.

He was like, guys-and-guys-talking-and-me-a-girl-should-just-shut-up-and-listen attitude. What the.....!!! I was totally pissed off this time. And I still have to act my cool and talked with him after being told to shut up.

2. Unfunny + Dirty minded looking old potato
His jokes...what sounds like jokes....are totally not funny at all. He always tried to sound smart assy and people are just laughing forcingly. His jokes are the outcome of making fun of people's weaknesses. His jokes are making fun of other people.
One day I was wearing skirt to work.....ok,so I seldom wear skirts to work but in case he forgot, I am a girl and I have long legs to flaunt. What's so wrong with wearing skirts? And the skirts are really pretty too(to me...hehe) but this old potato(with an earring at one of his old ear which make him look even more eeewww), keep giving me strange old potato look and sneers at me for the whole day. Some other guy colleagues were suprise to see me in skirt some even make fun of me, which I can take and laugh along saying that I have to remind them that I am a girl by wearing skirts once a while. But why this old potato has to keep sneering at me. You drop dead, you old dirty fish! And what's from your filthy mouth is not funny at all.

Ok, only two uncourtesy guy in my workplace and I don't ever want to meet anymore of such jerks. I know there are more jerks swimming around. Yes, I know I'm lucky to only bump into 2 of them.

But jerk #1 really did pissed me off yesterday and how I wish I could spill a super hot coffee on his face and let his fair face burn into Ayamas colour. Wakhakhakhakhak >____

Friday, March 10, 2006

Feeling good, feeling old

Found something interesting while reading Yoke Ping's MSN Space blog (I'm trying very hard in persuading her to get a REAL blog....real blog as in blogger or xanga).

Signs that you are a 80's baby
You grew up watching He-man, She-ra, Jem, Transformers, Thundercats, Mickey Mouse, Ninja turtles, Smurfs etc .. I never fail to tune in to Thundercats, Disney cartoons, Smurfs, Ghostbuster and Voltron. And I'll cry my heart out when dad doesn't allow me to have TV dinner.
Let's check if we're getting old...

1. You understand what was written above and you smile. Untrue. I'm still watching cartoon now. But they are called anime. So I don't feel old at this point but wish there were Naruto, Bleach, X-TV, Chobits, Full Metal Alchemist back then.
2. Most of your high school friends are getting married. Half true, half untrue.Well, yes...some of them are married and having babies along the way as well. But I think I'm still too young for a family and I can't handle kids. But I'm still not sure whether it's me that's getting old or them being way too young(at the time of marriage).
3. You are always suprise to see small children playing comfortably with computer. Very true. Why are kids getting so damn smart nowadays? They are setting up really canggih websites, hack hack here hack hack there, creating scripts and matrix-like code....even the themes that I'm using now was created by a young girl. This, I'm feeling ashame of my kidhood.
4. When you see teenagers with mobile phones, you shake your head. Damn true. Lucky bastards nowadays. People are getting richer and richer. I got my first mobile phone(brick) when I was 20.
5. You spend less and less time talking on phone with your friends daily. Erm, not really true bout this. I still chat with my girlfriends everyday, but only difference is that we switch to messenger chat. Haha. And I still chat on the phone with Mun Yee all the time.
6.When you meet your old friends from time to time, talking about the good old days, repeating again and again all funny stories you experienced together. True. We can't stop making fun at each other.
7. Lastly, having read this and thinking of forwarding it to some other old friends. You think they will like it too. True. Want to make them feel like an old maid too.

My score:
I agreed with 4.5 out of 7 which make me 64.29% a 80's baby. Am I or am I not getting old? I don't care because I'm feeling good about it. YEE HAA!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Out of boredom

At first I was planning to update my blog after talking Yoke Ping about blogging stuff (was persuading her to use blogger instead of my space). And I just realized that I haven't update my own poor abandoned bloggie for almost 2 months.
But then my lazy bug bite me and I end up with this survey instead. So I'm the natural seducer. Woohoo. Beware. I'm born with it. LOLed. You can try it if you want to know how exactly slutty you are...go ahead and click the link. You might be suprise that you will turn out to be a BOMBSHELL instead.

Your Seduction Style: The Natural

You don't really try to seduce people... it just seems to happen.

Fun loving and free spirited, you bring out the inner child in people.

You are spontaneous, sincere, and unpretentious - a hard combo to find!

People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast.

What Is Your Seduction Style?

And so I am signing off for today's entry. Too tire and sick of today's work
Will write again tomorrow.
And if I got off work early. *sigh*