Thursday, September 16, 2004

Chinese in Malaysia: Part 2

I commented on another blogger's post regarding to this topic Chinese in Malaysia . I will not link his blog here because I did not ask for permission to do so. However, I'll capture everything into my blog together with some extra comments.~~~

I wrote (1st comment):
I put this in my blog too...LOL^_^ and with my own analysis there. I prefer to be a 100% Malaysia Chinese who can speak BM,English and Chinese whenever needed. However the Regular group tend come from the St.Something-Something and Something-Something Convent. I found it very revolting seeing those westerner wannabees.I,myself,comes from a Kebangsaan school, so I don't learn chinese as well and there's many Regulars in my school too-_-.....I don't mind the AhBengs...swear all they want,they are just being themselves.I love my country and I don't want to go anywhere else....Negaraku....Tanah Tumpahnya Darah kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Obviously, my comment was going to provoke some debate. I admit my rudeness with the usage of word 'revolting'. And here's the immediate responce from someone who read my comment and felt revolted by it.

The feedback:
oi... wat this??!! generalising ALL the st. something-soemthing & convent something-something people into revolting 'regulars' who want to be something they arent?!! FYI - i came from BOTH a St. & Convent something [St. Michael's & Main Convent Ipoh - I'm proud of it - so there!] But seriously, not EVERYONE'S like that! I admit there are some unbearable buggers who think that they're better than veryone else (and act like it too!) but there ARE regulars who just enjoy being urselves, or even ah beng or cina at times - i mean, there's a bit of each in every one of us, dont u think so? personally, though i'm able to speak good english (and that means NO grammatical mistakes at all), i relish indulging in all the la's and broken
english that make me sound just like a cina (or ahbeng). [note the "wat this?!"
instead of "wat's this?!" at the beginning of this post] It's more fun, somehow
(minus the swearing, of course *grin*). Haha, ok, noodlez - b4 u get all heated
up saying i'm misdirecting this barrage of indignance at you, let me say i'm
just posting it here in the hopes that moonlight might read it. too lazy to go
hunting for his/her blog (at the mo). and hrmm... bout the ahmoi gal who asked
bout the bmx/w... i was going to suggest that perhaps she PURPOSELY asked you
those questions just to see how you would respond to them. But since all she did
was ask about the BMX/W thing in answer to your reply... i can only say that
some women are an embarrassment to the female gender. *sigh* here,

Well, I need to apologize for what I said especially with the word revolting. And I countered that comment with another more polite comment from me.

I wrote :
Ahem...if you read my blog, I highlighted that I am not generalizing the anything but the fact is the Regular DO comes from the St. Sthg-Sthg and Sthg-Stgh Convent, because you guys can speak English better than the Cinas and the AhBengs. Not true? I take back my 'revolting' word but it's just psychologily true. Maybe I should not say's kinda an insulting statement. I do have friends from those schools. Great ppl actually and no hard feelings with them. It's just when they try to talk with perfect English and most deadly when they try to speak with accent.....There's even some of my friends from my Kebangsaan school that behaves this way. I feel kinda uncomfortable chatting with them not because I can't speak at their superior English level, it's because I feel that us Chinese no matter where we are, should converse in's our root. Don't forget....:)And if you do
speak both English and Chinese fluently...good for you. I salute you^_^

Actually I have more to write but I'll debate with myself here in my own blog (since nobody will read this at the mean time....I'll not offence anyone...LOL).
I have this cousins of mine....from my father's side. In fact, all of my father's nieces and nephews is English educated. They speak English fluently. But throw any Chinese idiom or proverb at them...they couldn't even guess the meaning. Let alone China history or any China Emperor's name.
Ok, back to those cousins of mine, my father's third younger brother and his whole family migrated to Australia many many years ago (since I was 7 or 8, I think). When my cousins moved over there, they already hit their puberty age and now they are my age. When they came back to Malaysia for holidays, they totally forgot how to speak Chinese....hence, unable to communicate with my poor grandma. Come on, I don't think they 'totally' forgot how to talk to Chinese...or just pretending not to be Chinese at all? Geez...this is when I can say 'revolting' and it's totally revolting! Where's your root man? Your root!!!
Why do people feel proud if they can talk good English with no grammatical mistake whatsoever and not ashame when they can not pronouse 'four'(sei) as four but as die?
I am trying my very best to try to learn more Chinese words and listen to Chinese songs. And I really enjoy listening to Joe(my boyfriend) when he tells me about China history, emperors, kingdoms and stuff like that. It really belittle me when I could not sing chinese karaoke songs. And not able to read mangas and my favourite song lyrics. It's a pain when I have to translate the songs to my own version of pinyin. And even worse when your favourite singer happens to be Jay Chow (who mumbles).

As you can see, I am very much a traditional lady....haha.

And don't be an OCBC (Orang Cina Bukan Cina) !!

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