Monday, September 27, 2004

The moon is sick

My housemate ask me out for a movie, the new Jackie Chan Police Story. I don't feel like going anywhere. Just want to isolate myself in my room. Don't feel like doing anything....but there's a load of chores to be done.
Things that I have to do:
1.Finished the TVB drama (very very exciting story about the last emperor or Ming Dynasty. Love story actually. I'm always an addict to Hong Kong TVB drama).
2.Clean my room (should list this as #1...bah)
3.Make new address labels and stick on all friendship book and send them all out. For those who do not know what is "Friendship Book", here's a link to enlighten you ^_^
4.Reply my pen pal's letters (I got a whole pile to reply to-_-, I just like to receive letters more than replying them...heh)
5.Wash my stinking cloths.....aaaakkkkk
6.Return the anime 'Prince of Tennis'

I guess I can only finish #1.

Really sad being sick. Sick and alone with no one to take care of me. I don't feel like buying medicine on my own or go to the clinic alone. How I wish Joe is by my side to take care of me now....Huhuhu.
I know and admit that I am a very pampered child. I always want attention and care from other people. What's wrong with that?Love is not a sin. LOL. Being independant is good, I consider myself independant as well. I'm living alone here in the big city. But I need all the love I can get. I receive all the love and care from my parents, my boyfriend and my buddies with open heart and give them the best that I can to love them in return. I don't understand why some people tend to be so cold and will not accept even a small help from others, trying to be strong and independant huh? And some will take advantage from the people who love them.

Hmm....what is love?
Here's my definition:
Love from family/parents - Love without a cause. The most genuine love of all.
Love from boyfriend/girlfriend - This can be categorize into 3 stages :
1st Stage : The first 3 month of the relationship. Butterfly in stomach type of love. Each other seem so perfect and flawless. Infatuation love.
2st Stage : Relationship over a year. Compromising type of love. Give and take. Forgive and forget.
3rd Stage : More than 5 years. Love with acceptance. Already accepted each other for who they are. I would say, stable but no more butterfly-in-stomach effect type of love.
Love from Spouse - From death do us apart. Spouse is family. Therefore it's love without a cause as well.
Love from Friends - Love with a helping hand.

Anyway, I sprinkle my love of the day to whom who is reading this.**MUAH MUAH**

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