Thursday, September 16, 2004


Woke up everyday at the same time (7.45pm), go to work (training actually) at the same place, meet the same people, do the same thing, come back home at the same time, switch on my PC as usual, write in my blog and read other ppl's blog like before and sleep at around 12 EVERYDAY.

Is everyone's life pathetic as well? I mean, not exactly pathetic...but you know what I mean. I have a very good friend I get to know from pen palling. She's from Germany. She seems to have a very adventurous life. Traveling to almost every neighbouring European countries. She sent me postcard everytime she visits somewhere new. I got one from Malta, one from Eygpt and one from Croatia. She's still studying and doing part time job sometimes. Come to think of this, I don't even have a passport to go anyway...and yea, that's really sad. It seems that it serve no purpose at the time being, seeing that I won't be leaving my country in the mean time...tight budget, you see. The closest neighbouring country I have been is Thailand (yes, without a passport, I just need a boarder pass because I was Perak born...hehe). It's definately everyone's dream to travel around the world...not to every country but at least somewhere further than Singapore...LOL. I always want to go to Australia for vacation but when I checked the price of air ticket and every possible expenses, it will cost me around RM5000 or maybe more (o_o). Where the hell can I come up with that amount of money. Yea, I have some saving in my piggy bank and it's more than enough but I just couldn't debit such a large amount of cash out of my saving. There's so much more things in my 'Must-Buy' list (or 'Dying-To-Have' list)...such as the new Samsung phone(e600a), new graphic card, pen drive, DVD-rom and subscribe the StreamyX. And also not to forget my next trip to Genting this weekend( least I get to go somewhere). And I need to save up money for the future house, future car, future know...the future is out there. -_- hehe

*Sigh*.....this is the life and attitude of Asian ppl. I'm not saying all. Some are pretty adventurous as well and will use what they earn. But just look at people around you. How many actually did use their own savings and pay their own trip to some foreign country. Studying overseas and family funded is a totally different case. Although most of us did have some saving from part time jobs and scrap savings. But how many is willing to use the bucks to see the world outside Malaysia? My only self paid trips are to Pangkor, Langkawi and Genting Highland...:( Look at our parents. When is the last time they go for a vacation? Our life is just study, work and have babies. -_-

Anyway, in the next 20 or 30 years, I hope I will have enough money and be able to go to (at least) Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Those are my 'Must-Go' country list. Hehe.....

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  1. I came to your blog page just clicking somewhere in the previous page, and I was closing the page but as I started reading the first few lines of this post, I got interested about..
    My "everyday" isn't like yours, but maybe a day it will, I still study (I do work, but it's a kind of part-time job).. You said that Asian people have that attitude, but looking at the people of my country I don't really find so many differences. Many Italians (I'm from the south of Italy, but I study in Rome) could have a passport to travel everywhere (anyway inside Eu you need the Id-card), but just few of them do it, the most are just lazy, others can't because of lack of time, family, money and stuff.. I had chance to spend about one year in Sweden, and after that I falt in love for travelling. I understod many things, many people (as Hemingway said) pretend to "escape from theirselves simply by moving from a place to the next", (that never happens, and I belive this is the worst approch), others just travel because, it seems,they have to. What I do think is that if someone wants to travel, he(or she) should make things in a such way.. the live will let you discover how the world is.