Sunday, January 28, 2007

Emoticon frenzy

Yokie just asked how ppl post cute emoticons in their blog post. Out of boredom and sienness, I surfed a few fantastic site which offers thousands of thousands of cute emoticons.
Fantastic leh???? Cute leh???
So pretty ler....I'm so proud of myself. I'm going to copy paste everything from these emoticon site and make a collection! There are just toooooo darn cute!!!!! Especially those animated gif. They call it kaoani - Japanese emoticon.
Oklar, I don't want to blog any longer, I want to copy paste ALLLLLLLL the cuties for my MSN messenger and blog. Yea, so you all beware and be prepare, I'm going to flood my blog post and MSN messenger with sooooo many irritating animated kaoani.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

Another new hang out place at Ipoh. Something else, other than the blooming everywhere boring kopitiam.

Ice Ice Baby
They serves Hong Kong style desserts...something like Hui Lau Shan that's over-populated Hong Kong street. But at least that's something you don't see in Ipoh yet. I'm so sick of those kopitiam cafe everywhere.....all Oldtown Kopitiam and Kim Gary or Wong Kok Char Chan Teng wannabes.

Colourful menu.

Their menu is bigggggggg.

Sa-ba-yon. Weird name for a weird dish.

Their Crepe wrap is kinda good but weird, they put seaweed. >_<

Here's the star of the shop. The colourful dessert, which that had a weird name too.....Lou Yeah (spoil cantonese slang but it actually has another meaning which is 'mix something').

I don't know where to start eating the Lou Yeah.

Let's start photo taking with this small strawberry. Hehe.

The arsenal fans was so lan-si just because his team scored against Man Utd. Ceh!

And for the first time in Ipoh, finally someone know how to serve cheese fondue. I'd been looking for this everywhere. I'd been waiting for ages to know what it taste like.
OMG. Finally, cheese fondue came to Ipoh.

OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm soooooo excited. >_< But...............
it doesnt taste as good as I thought. The cheese doesnt taste like cheese. I'm sure the REAL cheese fondue is nothing like this. Sheesh.

But overall, this is a place worth a hangout or two. Kinda expensive and the service was darn poor and waiters were it will just be a hang out or two and then I will still go back to the good ol' Oldtown Kopitiam. ^___^

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A quick one...

Ok, here's a quick post before bedtime. There's a sudden mood to blog. Yokie has been absent for tonight. Yoga class, I assume. She's complaining that she had to spend her Sunday all by herself which was a waste of time. But I don't think it's a waste of time. How often do you get all the time to yourself? Away from the traffic, stay out from the sun (haze if there's any) and no pressure(coz there's nothing to worry about...just worry bout what to do with all the spare time). And do the things that you desire. I had been in such situation during my stay in KL, where I was imprisoned behind four small walls of my rent room, but luckily I had my PC with me (but with no internet connection, lucky Yokie still has her Streamyx) and I had no car. So I can't go anywhere, unless someone got some plan and don't mind giving me a ride. But most of the time, I feel it's a bliss having all the opportunity to be lazy without guilt. I have all the time to watch my 30-50 episodes of TVB dramas that was stacking on the floor and also all the torrent animes borrowed from my friends. I remember that was the time when I was able the watch the most anime....Naruto, Sharman Khan, Elfen Lied, Midori No Hibi, Chobits, Fruit Basket, Hikaru No Go, Aishiteru Ze Baby. Read some good books and really read page by page from the fashion magazine (now I just flip through while watching TV) and things that I won't be able to do now, at Ipoh, at my own home. In Ipoh, I will be too busy working late, going out, hang out with dear and my friends, glued to my PC, chatting with MSN buddies, surfing internet, blogging...just glued to the PC. And I hardly can finish watching a full episode of any TVB drama, there's always some episodes that I'd miss. And not even have the time or mood for any anime stored in my PC. But I did manage to finish 2 seasons of Desperate Housewives and 4 seasons of Sex in The City, but there's still aplenty eating up the space in my hdd. And oh, I also did finish reading the first book of The Shopaholic series during my 3 night stay in the hospital. Really an enjoyable read and I'm going to collect the whole series.

So Yokie, you won't be wasting any of your time. And even sleeping is definately not a wastage of time because during your sleep, your body is recharging mer. How I wish I could laze around doing nothing....but I had to go back to work for consecutive two weeks....and what a short weekend it felt like. *sigh*

There'll be a lot of activities lined up for this weekend. First is my boss's baby girl one month old birthday bash. My colleagues were talking about what to or gift. What is better than cash? They won't appreciate anything more than cash....and diapers. Then on Sunday I'm going to have a great night out with girlfriends. Not any big plan but just another fun get together with 3 of my crazy friends. I bet there's will be a lot of laughs and picture snapping.

Geez, the quickie doesnt seem as quick....already pass the time I promised myself must be in bed. And as usual, I can't publish my bloggie entry without any picture.

Here's something really cute and inspiring that I received through forward mail. I saw this sometime ago but I didnt save the pic. Really meaningful and adorable.

And here's the number of notebook that I have. I just realize that I have this stupid obsession with pretty and artistic notebook. I don't use any of them but I always have the urge to buy those notebooks. Whenever I saw any nice notebook, I always feel that I will have something important to jot in them. And I just realize that I'd too many unuse notebooks and some which I'd bought a few years ago. Yeah, I know I need help. >_< But hey, the the pages in notebooks are very colourful and some got different design on every page. So it's not your usual white page with blue lines and a red margin. Mine one very special 1 leh...just that they havent been put into good use. -_-

That's all folks. Goodnite!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Langkawi Escapade

This is a very late and backdated post bout my Langkawi trip (16/Dec-19/Dec/06). I just got hold of the pictures from Kin Fai's camera and I wanna show you how beautiful Langkawi is.

Me and the handsome driver. Notice that my left eye was darn swollen like someone punch me in the eye. Well, it was this stupid eye infection that gave me itch and constant uncomfort everytime I blink my eye. Hate it so much...contributed 10% spoiler effect. >__<

All the way to Kuala Kedah jetty along Kedah famous paddy field. I never been to Kedah before and I was truly amazed by such beautiful horizontal scene.

Kedah cotton candy!! ^__^
Erm, nothing special bout it. Just feel like cam-slave(Yokie said it's not nice saying cam-whore,so...) holding one.

I looked horrible in this picture. But Matt, I'm not vain mer, I publish horrible pictures of myself too.

Finally we arrived and the driver look stunned, aftermath of 3 hours driving and 2 hours tumbling in the speedboat.

Yayy...ready to explore!!!
We rented an Iswara for RM60 per day and off we go....island expedition.

At Langkawi Underwater World. A must-go and worth to go place in Langkawi. So many things to see....underwater or above water.

The latest attraction at the Underwater World, Happy Feet.

I suppose to look good in this picture, with my pose and the beautiful catfish swimming at my way....but *sigh* Kin Fai must had too much driving, poor thing.

I really like this picture (despite the eye looks like kena punched). We were having our dinner at Cenang beach. A lovely beach street full with souvenir shops, pubs and restaurants.

I forgot the name of this place but it serves really delicious Malaysian/Thai food. It's along Cenang beach street. You wont miss it because it was so crowded with ppl.

Nice leh. Seems like I'm at some foreign country.
The sun is so killing my eyes. *_*

Oriental Village
Supposingly we went there just to take the cable car ride up to Gunung Macinchang to enjoy the eagle eye view of the whole islang but the cable car temporary ceased operation due to windy condition. Sheesh..

Lots of Playboy sex icon running about.

Cruel cruel cruel ppl who saw off the horn of the poor deer.
At first I wanted to try the elephant ride but then I saw how cruel they treated the poor elephant, whipped it so often that I could see the marks from a distance of few hundred meters away. I walked away feeling disgusted being a human.

Crocodile farm. Not a popular attraction in Langkawi but it's still worth a visit for an entrance fees of RM10. Saw crocodile fight.

Went to the oh-so-famous internation 5 stars resort, The Datai.
But unfortunately, we can only get as fas as their toilet...ahem...washroom. So, just to let you guys have a glimpse of how extra-grand this resort was. Reminder, this is just the washroom.

Bye Bye Island of the Eagles. (But I don't see much eagles....perhaps they were hiding from the horrible sun)

Shopping? Of course. I posted about what I bought from Langkawi earlier than the travel pictures. LOLed. Overall, this was a fun and relaxing holiday because we had all the time we want. No work pressure....and a temporary escape to paradise. And things were cheap too, not as expensive as I thought. ^___^ (and I can't wait for my Bali and Chiang Mai holidays...weee)

Sorry for such a short entry with brief description but I was way past my bedtime.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Flushed Away

This was a late entry. I should have post this on the first week of 2007 but I'm having such a bad start of the year. I'm having so many things to do and problems at work. What I'm going through can't be put into words....or I can say I'm not much in mood to blog. I'm a person who can handle pressure...I hope. I tried to strive through everyday happily. Yeah, I'm a happy person and I don't want anything to ruin my emotion. But can't underestimate work-pressure and what it can do to you. And it's flushing me down....totally.

New computer and my messy cubicle.

First day going to work and I find a new computer on my cubicle. Yay, I don't have to share PC anymore. Happy! Happy! But not! Why?
1. My desk was in a mess and I had to clean it still cleaning up.
2. My boss's cubicle is just behind me, back to back. He don't even have to move an inch when he wants to talk to me. I heard my name being called almost every 2 hours. There's always seems to have some stupid report or project or evaluation or whatever shit that I owe him. And everytime when he asked me for some report I always have an urge to reply him,"You think I'm octopus ar? sotong ar? Squid ar?" -_-

The new McDonald in town.

And can you believe that in Ipoh, we have the 24-hours and with a drive-through McD outlet? Yes, it's true. Up until today, I'd been there 5 times. I'm not a McD fans but it's located near my workplace and I'm a McD Happy Meal fans. ^_^

After a tiring and pressured week and I even had to go back to work on Saturday....>_<>
Miner's Arm

Miners' Arm Pub and Grill Restaurant, located at Jalan Dato Maharajalela is among the oldest surviving food joint in Ipoh (after FMS Bar and Restaurant which had celebrating its 100 years anniversary this year). Miners' Arm has been serving really classy and delicious western food for over 30 years. The ambience was like any of the oldtime pub and restaurant, dark with romantic dim light. I bet my parents (and yours too) dated in this restaurant. ^_^

Walls are decorated with tin mining mementos and very cowboyish concept too.

It was really dark in there and I can't take good pictures with my cameraphone. You can see the pub at the back.

Chandelier like those used in ancient English castle.

This was the best appetizer I'd ever had. Shrimp cocktail. I was totally smitten!

My black pepper steak. Steak was very tender and just right, unlike the hard rock steak I had at Indulgence.

*Sigh*....I'm so flushed away. Energy was drained and mind was thinking about the problems at work, hence the silly grin.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Fong Fong

Made a nice birthday goodie box for Fong. She turned 26 today, the eldest among us. The goodie box have lots of goodies from me, Nainai and Debbie. I always love getting goodie box....I hope she'll be smitten with what we'd put up for her.

Erm, I need to post this today and I didnt buy any birthday card, so it's a piece of Chinese New Year card....hehe, CNY is just around the corner, so might just as well wish her Happy Chinese New Year. ^__^

Yep yep...ready to go into the mailbox but she will getting her present a bit late. But the suprises that matter. Yayyy.....