Sunday, January 14, 2007

Flushed Away

This was a late entry. I should have post this on the first week of 2007 but I'm having such a bad start of the year. I'm having so many things to do and problems at work. What I'm going through can't be put into words....or I can say I'm not much in mood to blog. I'm a person who can handle pressure...I hope. I tried to strive through everyday happily. Yeah, I'm a happy person and I don't want anything to ruin my emotion. But can't underestimate work-pressure and what it can do to you. And it's flushing me down....totally.

New computer and my messy cubicle.

First day going to work and I find a new computer on my cubicle. Yay, I don't have to share PC anymore. Happy! Happy! But not! Why?
1. My desk was in a mess and I had to clean it still cleaning up.
2. My boss's cubicle is just behind me, back to back. He don't even have to move an inch when he wants to talk to me. I heard my name being called almost every 2 hours. There's always seems to have some stupid report or project or evaluation or whatever shit that I owe him. And everytime when he asked me for some report I always have an urge to reply him,"You think I'm octopus ar? sotong ar? Squid ar?" -_-

The new McDonald in town.

And can you believe that in Ipoh, we have the 24-hours and with a drive-through McD outlet? Yes, it's true. Up until today, I'd been there 5 times. I'm not a McD fans but it's located near my workplace and I'm a McD Happy Meal fans. ^_^

After a tiring and pressured week and I even had to go back to work on Saturday....>_<>
Miner's Arm

Miners' Arm Pub and Grill Restaurant, located at Jalan Dato Maharajalela is among the oldest surviving food joint in Ipoh (after FMS Bar and Restaurant which had celebrating its 100 years anniversary this year). Miners' Arm has been serving really classy and delicious western food for over 30 years. The ambience was like any of the oldtime pub and restaurant, dark with romantic dim light. I bet my parents (and yours too) dated in this restaurant. ^_^

Walls are decorated with tin mining mementos and very cowboyish concept too.

It was really dark in there and I can't take good pictures with my cameraphone. You can see the pub at the back.

Chandelier like those used in ancient English castle.

This was the best appetizer I'd ever had. Shrimp cocktail. I was totally smitten!

My black pepper steak. Steak was very tender and just right, unlike the hard rock steak I had at Indulgence.

*Sigh*....I'm so flushed away. Energy was drained and mind was thinking about the problems at work, hence the silly grin.


  1. Wow, the proposed drive in Mc'D is finally opened in Ipoh... Haha..Me, orang Ipoh never heard of Miner's Arm in Ipoh...

  2. Gosh, I really need to get back to Ipoh soon, If not it will change too much till I didn;t know my way around again...
    Anwyay, maybe you gals should list out the latest and hippest for me so I can go visit it when I make a trip home.... !!!