Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006 : In a glance

Here's a glance through memories in 2006

  • First quarter of 2006 was tough. Been through a rocky relationship and made a decision to get out from all the struggling and suffering and start a new life. It was the most right and mature thing to do.
  • Enjoyed the life of singledom (although only for a short while). Being single is free, relax, wild, fun and just about being and loving yourself. And I can do whatever I want.
  • Found love, again. He is understanding, witty, smart, strong (and man), loving and just anything about him that I love and he completes me. (If he's reading this, he'll hidung kembang adi-_-)
  • Re-kindle the friendship with my old schoolmate/best friends. I've found back my best friends. It's not easy to see each other like we used to because most of us are working in different states/places but we made effort to get together as often as we could, even if it's just a session of yumcha, shopping, or just laze around doing nothing at one of their house. All the moments with the girls are superbly fun! Who say I can't have love and friends? I am ashame of myself for being too tied up in my previous relationship and slack off in the friendship department.
  • Traveling. I travelled the most in 2006. Been to KL, Penang, Genting, Kedah/Langkawi and even got my own passpart and the very first boarding stamp from Hong Kong. ^__^ Been to Penang all on my own for the PC Fair and stayed at Yokie's place. Been to KL and shopped like crazy with a bunch of my best friends. Been to Genting twice this year and both were mainly for watching football (with who else but dear football fanatic Fai). And then to Hong Kong with my colleague. And then wrapped up with a trip to Langkawi with my dear Fai. Best best best time of my life.
  • Work. I can say it's very establish and start to get more comfortable with my late working hours and all the overloads. Luckily I'm car pooling with Fai now, so I don't feel so worry(esp when getting my car) when I work till 8 or 9pm.
  • Watched the most movies in cinema. I went to cinema (mostly with Fai) almost every week. We were catching 3-5 movies every month.
  • Made alot of different cheese cake. So, it's not just oreo cheesecake that I'm only good at. I can also make pandan cheese cake, poppyseed cheese cupcakes and black and white chocolate cheese cake. Hmm....seems like I did not just buy the recipe book for the yummilicious pictures but make some good use out from it. So, next year I will try more. Perhaps durian cheesecake? Hehe
  • Had been hospitalized. Never been so sick. But was also an experience to be remember.

So, it seems like I'd been through thick and thin but yet, I proclaimed 2006 as the best year of my life.

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  1. 2006 really is your best year .. you have been travelling alot and enjoying yourselves .... Sometimes envy you nia .. :P