Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Langkawi Escapade

This is a very late and backdated post bout my Langkawi trip (16/Dec-19/Dec/06). I just got hold of the pictures from Kin Fai's camera and I wanna show you how beautiful Langkawi is.

Me and the handsome driver. Notice that my left eye was darn swollen like someone punch me in the eye. Well, it was this stupid eye infection that gave me itch and constant uncomfort everytime I blink my eye. Hate it so much...contributed 10% spoiler effect. >__<

All the way to Kuala Kedah jetty along Kedah famous paddy field. I never been to Kedah before and I was truly amazed by such beautiful horizontal scene.

Kedah cotton candy!! ^__^
Erm, nothing special bout it. Just feel like cam-slave(Yokie said it's not nice saying cam-whore,so...) holding one.

I looked horrible in this picture. But Matt, I'm not vain mer, I publish horrible pictures of myself too.

Finally we arrived and the driver look stunned, aftermath of 3 hours driving and 2 hours tumbling in the speedboat.

Yayy...ready to explore!!!
We rented an Iswara for RM60 per day and off we go....island expedition.

At Langkawi Underwater World. A must-go and worth to go place in Langkawi. So many things to see....underwater or above water.

The latest attraction at the Underwater World, Happy Feet.

I suppose to look good in this picture, with my pose and the beautiful catfish swimming at my way....but *sigh* Kin Fai must had too much driving, poor thing.

I really like this picture (despite the eye looks like kena punched). We were having our dinner at Cenang beach. A lovely beach street full with souvenir shops, pubs and restaurants.

I forgot the name of this place but it serves really delicious Malaysian/Thai food. It's along Cenang beach street. You wont miss it because it was so crowded with ppl.

Nice leh. Seems like I'm at some foreign country.
The sun is so killing my eyes. *_*

Oriental Village
Supposingly we went there just to take the cable car ride up to Gunung Macinchang to enjoy the eagle eye view of the whole islang but the cable car temporary ceased operation due to windy condition. Sheesh..

Lots of Playboy sex icon running about.

Cruel cruel cruel ppl who saw off the horn of the poor deer.
At first I wanted to try the elephant ride but then I saw how cruel they treated the poor elephant, whipped it so often that I could see the marks from a distance of few hundred meters away. I walked away feeling disgusted being a human.

Crocodile farm. Not a popular attraction in Langkawi but it's still worth a visit for an entrance fees of RM10. Saw crocodile fight.

Went to the oh-so-famous internation 5 stars resort, The Datai.
But unfortunately, we can only get as fas as their toilet...ahem...washroom. So, just to let you guys have a glimpse of how extra-grand this resort was. Reminder, this is just the washroom.

Bye Bye Island of the Eagles. (But I don't see much eagles....perhaps they were hiding from the horrible sun)

Shopping? Of course. I posted about what I bought from Langkawi earlier than the travel pictures. LOLed. Overall, this was a fun and relaxing holiday because we had all the time we want. No work pressure....and a temporary escape to paradise. And things were cheap too, not as expensive as I thought. ^___^ (and I can't wait for my Bali and Chiang Mai holidays...weee)

Sorry for such a short entry with brief description but I was way past my bedtime.

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