Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A quick one...

Ok, here's a quick post before bedtime. There's a sudden mood to blog. Yokie has been absent for tonight. Yoga class, I assume. She's complaining that she had to spend her Sunday all by herself which was a waste of time. But I don't think it's a waste of time. How often do you get all the time to yourself? Away from the traffic, stay out from the sun (haze if there's any) and no pressure(coz there's nothing to worry about...just worry bout what to do with all the spare time). And do the things that you desire. I had been in such situation during my stay in KL, where I was imprisoned behind four small walls of my rent room, but luckily I had my PC with me (but with no internet connection, lucky Yokie still has her Streamyx) and I had no car. So I can't go anywhere, unless someone got some plan and don't mind giving me a ride. But most of the time, I feel it's a bliss having all the opportunity to be lazy without guilt. I have all the time to watch my 30-50 episodes of TVB dramas that was stacking on the floor and also all the torrent animes borrowed from my friends. I remember that was the time when I was able the watch the most anime....Naruto, Sharman Khan, Elfen Lied, Midori No Hibi, Chobits, Fruit Basket, Hikaru No Go, Aishiteru Ze Baby. Read some good books and really read page by page from the fashion magazine (now I just flip through while watching TV) and things that I won't be able to do now, at Ipoh, at my own home. In Ipoh, I will be too busy working late, going out, hang out with dear and my friends, glued to my PC, chatting with MSN buddies, surfing internet, blogging...just glued to the PC. And I hardly can finish watching a full episode of any TVB drama, there's always some episodes that I'd miss. And not even have the time or mood for any anime stored in my PC. But I did manage to finish 2 seasons of Desperate Housewives and 4 seasons of Sex in The City, but there's still aplenty eating up the space in my hdd. And oh, I also did finish reading the first book of The Shopaholic series during my 3 night stay in the hospital. Really an enjoyable read and I'm going to collect the whole series.

So Yokie, you won't be wasting any of your time. And even sleeping is definately not a wastage of time because during your sleep, your body is recharging mer. How I wish I could laze around doing nothing....but I had to go back to work for consecutive two weeks....and what a short weekend it felt like. *sigh*

There'll be a lot of activities lined up for this weekend. First is my boss's baby girl one month old birthday bash. My colleagues were talking about what to or gift. What is better than cash? They won't appreciate anything more than cash....and diapers. Then on Sunday I'm going to have a great night out with girlfriends. Not any big plan but just another fun get together with 3 of my crazy friends. I bet there's will be a lot of laughs and picture snapping.

Geez, the quickie doesnt seem as quick....already pass the time I promised myself must be in bed. And as usual, I can't publish my bloggie entry without any picture.

Here's something really cute and inspiring that I received through forward mail. I saw this sometime ago but I didnt save the pic. Really meaningful and adorable.

And here's the number of notebook that I have. I just realize that I have this stupid obsession with pretty and artistic notebook. I don't use any of them but I always have the urge to buy those notebooks. Whenever I saw any nice notebook, I always feel that I will have something important to jot in them. And I just realize that I'd too many unuse notebooks and some which I'd bought a few years ago. Yeah, I know I need help. >_< But hey, the the pages in notebooks are very colourful and some got different design on every page. So it's not your usual white page with blue lines and a red margin. Mine one very special 1 leh...just that they havent been put into good use. -_-

That's all folks. Goodnite!!


  1. Yea, I know what you mean by those really nice looking, I would say some even interesting looking notebooks, Always have the urge to buy it, but then I ahve the self restraint to stop myself, as I know I would never write in those, as I 'sayang' to write on those beautiful books, Anyway, I guess it would be a good hobby set, maybe once a while when you can't think of anything for a present, those will come in handy...:P

  2. -_-" you are blogging about me. But I dun think I like it lor, staying at home without the mood of reading the things I am supposed to. *sigh* .. but never mind. Now not anymore. I need to prepare for the course, which I dont think I have enough time. Let's party this weekend. :)