Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

Another new hang out place at Ipoh. Something else, other than the blooming everywhere boring kopitiam.

Ice Ice Baby
They serves Hong Kong style desserts...something like Hui Lau Shan that's over-populated Hong Kong street. But at least that's something you don't see in Ipoh yet. I'm so sick of those kopitiam cafe everywhere.....all Oldtown Kopitiam and Kim Gary or Wong Kok Char Chan Teng wannabes.

Colourful menu.

Their menu is bigggggggg.

Sa-ba-yon. Weird name for a weird dish.

Their Crepe wrap is kinda good but weird, they put seaweed. >_<

Here's the star of the shop. The colourful dessert, which that had a weird name too.....Lou Yeah (spoil cantonese slang but it actually has another meaning which is 'mix something').

I don't know where to start eating the Lou Yeah.

Let's start photo taking with this small strawberry. Hehe.

The arsenal fans was so lan-si just because his team scored against Man Utd. Ceh!

And for the first time in Ipoh, finally someone know how to serve cheese fondue. I'd been looking for this everywhere. I'd been waiting for ages to know what it taste like.
OMG. Finally, cheese fondue came to Ipoh.

OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm soooooo excited. >_< But...............
it doesnt taste as good as I thought. The cheese doesnt taste like cheese. I'm sure the REAL cheese fondue is nothing like this. Sheesh.

But overall, this is a place worth a hangout or two. Kinda expensive and the service was darn poor and waiters were it will just be a hang out or two and then I will still go back to the good ol' Oldtown Kopitiam. ^___^

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  1. wah .. i think Ipoh starts to practise high-class living, like KL and Pg. Erm .. this place definitely can hang out geh ... but not always .. next time .. :D
    But kopitiam really boring ... no doubt about that