Friday, November 24, 2006

Hong Kong Trip Day 1

Time really flies when it comes to traveling....

Hong Kong Day 1 (12/Nov/2006)

This picture was necessary, because it's my very first time going to KLIA, taking my virgin flight. Not having a good experience with my virgin flight, found out that I'm prone to air-sick and I didn't even touch my first meal in air.

3 hours later(was the longest ride ever, due to damn nausea), I arrived at Hong Kong International Airport. It was already 7pm.

This is the colleague(ST Tan) that went with me. Had a great 'training' holiday with him, coz he's a very easy going and funny guy. Ooo...don't get the wrong idea, he's married and I'm still so head over heels with my boyfriend.

So hungry after I the nauseous flight. This was the best, bestest, bestestest roasted duck(they call it goose) noodle.

The hotel I stayed (Metropark Kowloon Hotel) is just a few block from Lady's Market, a place where so many ppl walk around. Hong Kie don't need shopping mall for pak tor(dating), they just walk and window shop along the street. And it's just...ultra, hyper crowded and happening. I went to the Lady's Market and the Mongkok street shops almost every night.

See the ppl behind me. To take this picture, I had to stand there for a few minutes and wait for a moment where it's not so crowded....just a few second and there's another wave of ppl coming from behind.

Upon arrival in Hong Kong, I'd been looking everywhere for Hui Lau Shan. I spotted a franchise stall at the airport but it's too early for dessert. But when we went to town area, the dessert franchise shops are won't miss the shop in every crowded spot.
And so, without hesitation, we stepped into Hui Lau Shan in Mongkok, near the Lady's Market.

My Hong Kong vendor ordered something curry, curry fishball I think. I don't think I will like Hong Kong curry, so I don't pay much attention to this.

The main dish is this. Colourful and delicious dessert, tong sui. This is birdnest with mango tong sui.

Mango tongsui again. Hui Lau Shan is famous for their mango desserts.

How can I not camwhore with such beautiful dessert?

This is my hotel room. I had to spend 7 nights sleeping alone in a hotel room. And no, I don't have any ghost story to share, I slept like a log for 7 nights in Hong Kong.

Got myself an IDD calling card so that I can call home. Okok, not just home,mainly use it chat with my dear dear. Hey, call rate in Hong Kong is sooooo darn cheap. It's just HKD0.25 per min, even when I call back to Malaysia. It was RM0.12 per min, even cheaper than our local call. No wonder I see the Hong Kies were always on their phone wherever they go, in the MRT/bus, while waiting MRT/bus, in the toilet, while eating, while shopping....everywhere.

That's all for the first day in Hong Kong. More to come.....

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  1. Hi kelly, nice blog. Syiok nya ... can travel to HK for a week (until that ooi2 too missed you and wanna swim there to find you wor ... wakakaka). I wanna go for a trip also ... must go to spore someday in next year. :P