Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hong Kong Trip Day 4 & 5

Day 4 : 15th November
Destination : Tung Chung
Not much picture taken on Day 4. We were suppose to go to Disneyland on this day but we skipped that and went to Tung Chung instead. We both agreed that we should save Disneyland for our next trip to Hong Kong(which might be 2 or 3 years later....or maybe more than that). Mr.Tan took the Ngong Ping 360(cable car) and went up to Big Buddha and I was left alone and got nothing better to shop like mad at the factory outlets mall at Tung Chung. And I never regret NOT going to Disneyland because I was shopping like there's no tomorrow at the Tung Chung Mall. There's so many branded outlets there that was selling everything at half price. And I spent the most at Esprit. Where on earth that you can buy a pair of Esprit jeans with only RM80?

Day 5 : 16th November
Destination : Ocean Park

Ocean Park...of course, is by the ocean.

I'd been waiting my whole life......for this day.

The park is so hilly. Look at how slant the escalator is.

Ocean Park is sooooooooo huge, we need a map. There's highland and lowland park. We need to take a few flights of looooong escalator to reach from one place to the other.

This was our first thrill ride in Ocean Park. We were so nervous and scare, it looks dreadful. But the outcome....2 out of 5 for thrill factor. Wait till we go on further into the park.

OMG....what's this?

I screamed my lungs out during this ride. I'm sure my heart stop beating for a few times. We waited almost an hour for the stupid ride. And after this ride,I'm not in a mood for anymore rides. I rather watch a good horror movie than torture my guts and heart like this.
Thrill factor: 4/5
(But Mr.Tan said 1/5 only wor....he sot ady after the 1st ride)

Chi sin meh???? I don't even dare to try the Genting one.

The we took the cable car to lowland park. After the coaster ride, I was still trying to calm myself down....but Mr.Tan force me to take pictures.

Cable car rides also don't play play ar, very high lar...*sweat*

Let's go for some panda sighting.

Aint she cute? I'm not sure whether it's a she or a he but anything so darn cute must be a she, right? Hehe.

And then the sea lion show. *oink oink*.....erm, I don't know how to write a sea lion's sound. *earl earl*? *ark ark*?

And then bird show. And I volunteered to go on stage.

It was so fun! The bird(dunno what bird) was eating corns from my palm.

And then took the cable car back up to highland for another show. Mr.Tan, it's not funny at all. I'm really phobia to heights. -_-
And the stupid cable car stopped a few times due to too windy and the cage swinged to and fro in the middle of nowhere. Thrill factor : 3/5 >_< And the ever famous dolphin show.


And lastly, we went to the Sea Jelly World. It's really really beautiful and camera can't really capture the mesmerization of the beauty of jelly fish.

I stinged the jelly fish.

I tried to capture using my 3.2mp Olympus.

And also my SE cameraphone. Aint them hauntingly beautiful?

Tried to camwhore with the jelly fish.

They changes colors because of the background light. The whole room was actually pitch dark and only the lights from the jelly fishes that lights up the room.

They were so beautiful that I can't stop myself from taking pictures with the jelly fishes.

That's not all from Ocean Park. I'd spent 7 hours there and we could only cover ~40% of the whole park. No is that big and worth going for the second time. Or maybe third.....

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