Monday, November 27, 2006

Hong Kong Trip Day 3

Day 3 : 14th November
Destination : Wong Tai Sin Temple, Apliu Street and Shum Shui Po. And more of Mongkok city at the night.

So tire....and more walking to do.

Qau shun...ding ding ding ding....qau shun.

Wong Tai Sin temple is so huge.

Look at the crowd.

Chinese temple are always so red and colourful.

Among the aunties, I tried to see what's my fortune will be. Not bad, I got a 'zhong chim'- a middle luck charm.

9 god crossing the river.
One, two, three, four.

Five, six, seven, eight. Where's the nineth?

Ooo...there she was. The nineth goddess. Hehe.

Turtle turtle.

I like this picture a lot. Taken from the back garden of the temple.

More cam-whoring....

Mr. Tan always pose weirdly....-_-

Then we went to Apliu Street and Shum Shui Po. It's the heaven of electronic gadgets, handphone, camera, TV, mp3, mp4 player, wires, sockets, light bulbs.....anything you can think of.

Can you imagine a pasar malam selling only electronic stuff? Yes, it will be a street crowded with only uncles and men. >_<
They even fix old model TV on the street. o_o

I spent a lot at Shum Shui Po. Brought a multimedia player, with 3.6" inch screen....largest screen at the moment and you wont find such canggih gadgets in Malaysia, yet. So tire on that day, and I don't even had the mood to take more pictures.

More picture to come.....

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  1. Syiok nyee .. I see you are wearing a scarf or is it a shawl? I still find it weird to wear it here in Malaysia while window-shop cos here is damn hot. But when you wear it in hongkong or those places, it looks just fine and pretty. :)