Monday, November 27, 2006

Hong Kong Trip Day 2

Day 2 : 13th November
Destination : Tou Gwa Wan (Vendor's office), Tsim Sha Tsui(Harbour City and Star Ferry Pier), Lan Kwai Fong

I need to work on Monday. So spent the whole day at vendor's office at Tou Gwa Wan. But not really working, Bally brought us to walk around Tou Gwa Wan. Tou Gwa Wan is a small, more low-key area. So no pictures from there. Nothing much to see there.

And at night, after work, we went to Harbour City, Tsim Sa Tsui. Beautiful beautiful place.

Night view at Harbour City. I could never get a good pose because of the great wind....just admire the view behind me.

And then Bally treated us a fulfilling dinner at CPK Pizzas. The best pizza I'd ever had.

They were setting up Christmas decoration already. So very very beautiful. How I wish I could be here during Xmas time with my deardear.

I could feel the Xmas jingles. How could I not camwhore?

See the laser show from the buildings across the island? It was breath-takingly beautiful.
Then we went to their Star Ferry Pier that was about to shut down. Everyday, the Hong Kong news was showing ppl rioting against the close down of this pier. And we took their very last ride before the pier is officially shutdown.

Waiting for the ferry.....eerie walkway, usually seen in most Hong Kong horror flicks.

We took the ferry across to Hong Kong Island.

International Monetary Building. Hong Kong is full of sky-scrapping buildings.
We were like back-packers. Walking and walking and snapping pictures. Like ppl coming out from small kampung. -_-

Bank of China among the other sky-scrappers. Hong Kong's night view is incredible, amazingly, unbelievably beautiful!!!!

And walked all the way to Lan Kwai Fong. It was a very painful walk, with my working sandals. I was right after work, remember?, and still in my working attire. The road to Lan Kwai Fong was soooo 45 degree.

The fire hydrant is odd....and reminds me of a character from South Park. See the slantness of the road? -___-

Was so happy when finally reached the Lan Kwai Fong street, that I hugged the bottle of beer. The street is full of gwai lous and gwai pohs.

There's so many type of buses:
The topless double decker.

The half top double decker.

And the slimmest of all....the tram.

We took the was so thin and shaky.

Boy, I never walk so damn much in my entire life. My feet was so blistered and sore. sigh...more walking tomorrow.

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