Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wearing mask?

Actually I wanted to comment on Yokie's entry for the day but turns out that I wanted to say more than just a short better put everything into my blog, since I feel like blogging something solid today.

Wearing mask? Who dont wear mask? I believe only children, toddlers, infants, retards, or someone like Forrest Gump that don't wear mask and be who they are. Only they can proclaim naiveness for only they has a simple, plain as paper and guileless heart and mind. At 25 years of living, my blank white piece of paper were already quarterly filled with scribbles, doodling, colours, and stains. What make us different from the other mammals is that we have a heart and a mind. Sometimes we will be lead by the heart, sometimes by the mind. Either will it turn out to be evil or characteristic variation, which I can say is infinity. What I'm trying to say here is, everyone is being put on a mask, by nature (except for children...blablabla).

For example :
1. The way we talk to our close friends will be different with they way we talk to ppl we're not so close.

2. Your boss said something stupid during a meeting. Do you laugh at his face?

3. You're heartbroken and sad about something. Do you show it all out or just act cool about it?

4. You're sooooo mad with one of your ______(fill in the blank with colleague/boss/friend) and feel like slapping her so hard that she'll faint. Do you really slap her silly or just swallow the anger like a piece of bone.

5. Your spouse gave you something that you don't really fancy. Do you pretend to like the gift or say you don't like it right at his/her face?

So, it's not about wearing mask or not. It's about adaptation. How we blend into the situation, how we communicate with different ppl. Sometimes the mask is useful...just don't overuse it. But I'm still learning to put on the right mask at the right time. Hey, my promotion depends on this. Of course, plus the hardwork as well....but need to smile alot although being load with a lot of work, need to smile alot although had to work overtime, but grumbled a lot behind with my dear..hehe. Sigh, workplace is a place where I wear a lot of mask. I'm sure, you guys too.


  1. Good entry .. the word I learnt is "adaptation". Guess what, I chose to avoid getting the same situation instead of improving it. I know it is not good but at the moment, I dont want to have further thoughts on how to resolve it. Then again, I understand and aware of the correct way I should take. :) Thanks for the entry.

  2. Well, that's life. Just be smart when you need to be. :D