Monday, January 01, 2007

I Am Against Animal Cruelty

I read about Joy in The Star newspaper yesterday (while I was waiting impatiently to discharge from the hospital). Story of Joy was originated from RSC (Remembering Sheena Champagne) blog. Please read the full coverage of the story there. But basically Joy was brutally beaten by a group of dim witted, cruel Indonesian construction workers. The stray dog was so cruelly beaten that his lower jaw was crushed.

This is a picture of Joy before his surgery.

I apologize for showing such explicit photos (which not even found in the papers), but this is to show how humane we are. Reading the story of Joy and seeing those pictures brought me to tears. What's happening to the world?

Today Joy has to carry on living without his lower jaw and he can't take solid food for the rest of his life as a result of human's cruelty.

One Joy was saved today. But they were still so many poor animal out there being ill-treated. Some might not understand why go all the stretch and fuss for saving a life of an animal....they are just animals afterall. But keep in mind that they hurt like we do and bleed like we do.

I suddenly have this urge of doing something. I wonder if ISPCA has any volunteery works.

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  1. Pity JOY...

    Animal cruelty act should be enforced and compound of RM200 is "nothing" to abusers.

    I have thought of becoming volunteer in SPCA too quite long time ago, but I always delay delay... I just enjoyed looking at the photos of abandoned animals in SPCA website.