Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Smashing New Year Celebration

What a year! And what a smashing New Year celebration with my best friends. It's not easy to gather everyone together because there's always someone who can't make it. But this year it's an all girl party. Yeah! It was just like the old days when we all gather at Debbie's place and eat. I don't know if everyone had fun but I did had tonnes of fun and this was the best New Year celebration ever. Better than any rave or street party I'd been to previously.

We gathered at Deb's place and had steamboad before we head to the next activity.

I had to eat my meal at home first because mom insisted that I must eat her special healthy menu for the rest of the month. But the steamboat soup at Deb's was sooooo tasty and I can't help myself for having a few bowl of soups with fishballs, crabmeat, fishmeat, mushrooms and lotsa tasty bits. Steamboat is always fun fun fun.

Then after the hearty meal, we headed to E-Box. Karaoke!!!!!!! AAArgggghhhhhhhh............ I'm countdowning to this. I'd never been to karaoke with my bunch of friends before but as expected it's more laughing than singing. ^_^

Deb's first time at a karaoke session.

Nai Nai the mic dictator. Me and Nai Nai's colours were matching the wall and the balloons. How ironic. Hehe.

Nai was so busy with the remote for the whole night and dominated the mic for the whole night. Below pictures were evidence on how she manipulated the whole K session...hahahaha

And I was laughing till my stomach ache so much and my back was sooooo pain.

When the clock striked 12am.

Friends Forever.....and ever.

After most of the crowd left, Nai went even more siao.

I went siao too.

Sigh.....she was so obsessed and possessed by the mic spirit.

Yokie sang at last.....after almost everyone left.

We left at almost 3am. We suppose to leave at 2am but Chan(Nai's bf) was late. By then I was already too tire and sleepy and tipsy (although I didnt take any liquor, just a few sips of wine). So Fai came to pick me instead. But by the time he arrived, Chan was already here.

Who need guys to have fun? All-girls party like this was so wild and fun. But I felt a little guilty for not spending the eve with Fai but I guess he was ok with stuff like this. I'm so relieve and glad that he's not another control freak like Joe. This is the reasonable amount of freedom and space that I always talk about with Joe but he never could understand. Love is not just about obsession and possession. It's all about understanding and endurance. New year ahead, I'm sure there's a lot of lovings for me and Fai.

Anyway, this is the best best besttttttt celebration I'd ever had. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! ! ! ! ! !


  1. Of course not!! I did sang, just not as much as Nai2 ... Hukhuk ... I sangggggggggg arrrrrrrrrr ..... how come you are so fast in blogging ? Hukhuk .. i havent blog yet .. now copying my photos .. :)

  2. Wow!!! What a awesome new year celebration...But jealous lar, never invite me also..i stayed at home, watching dvd...:( sob,sob..