Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007: A New Year, A New Resolution

Everyone must has their own list of New Year's resolution. Here's mine:

  1. Not to spend so much in boutiques. Do not buy more than 2 piece of clothing every month and this includes socks, hair accessories and whatsoever. (err....maybe 3 lar....er...WTF!! Not more than 2!!!)
  2. Read all the books that I bought. They are not decoration for my shelf. Read at least one book each month.
  3. Promote the anti-animal cruelty campaigne. There are lots more thing that I could do, like sign petition, donation, do volunteery work.
  4. Try manicure and pedicure. This is a MUST MUST MUST try thing in 2007. I'm dying for the French Manicure. I want my hands look like a princess's hands. ^__^
  5. Loose the kgs. Be at 50.
  6. Change the hairstyle. I'm so bored with my long dull hair. I need new look.
  7. Revamp the face. New look. New look. Learn how to put on make-up from Nai Nai.
  8. Go travelling to at least one country. And also travel around Malaysia. 2007 is Visit Malaysia Year.
    Here's some places that I really want to go:
    -Thailand (Haatyai/Bangkok/Phuket) - Sigh, but Thailand is in such a mess lately.
    -Indonesia (Bali/Jakarta)
    -East Malaysia (Sabah/Sarawak) - Must try Kolo Mee!
  9. Be a very organize person.
  10. Must not procrastinate with my work anymore.
  11. Throw my junks away. I really need to identify out those junks and chuck them away. Especially my room and my cubicle. -_-
  12. Be more independent and not rely 100% on family or bf.
  13. Save 10K
  14. Buy a white Myvi.
  15. No more impulse buying.
  16. Learn to make more stuff from my recipe book, not only cheesecake but more variety of cheesecakes. Erm, say....blueberry cheesecake?

I guess that's pretty much what I want out from this year. And so we shall see the progress. ^__^
I feel so good already at the first day of 2007. I knows the days ahead will be splendid! I'm so full of energy now. I'm so ready for this year. Yee-harrr....

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