Friday, September 17, 2004

Whoa..I got readers...

Yea, I really do!! I got two comments in my previous post. Must be random bloggers since I did not tell anyone about my blog. I wonder if I should let my best/close friends and boyfriend know about this and let them read. Then I wouldn't be able to bitch about them here...LOL.
And to all who read my blog, please don't be offended with what I said. I am merely a new beginner with writting stuff like this. And I am writing from my perspective of view. I guess that's the right thing to do. If you happen to not like what I wrote or anything interesting to add to my thoughts, please comment on me :) Lalala...knowing that I have ppl reading my blog really make my day ^___^


  1. Ahh Moonlight! You have caused me to fall in love with you, so I am now yet another reader you have! I will greatly enjoy every precious word that you write for us each day I hope and entertain us and comfort us! How wonderful are the hands and the mind of a dear precious Girl! Ahh she floats and not walks, she graces everything she touches, and is it any wonder then that each man wishes to make her his own Bride?! Such is the way of a loving woman. Beauty personified!

  2. man, this is not fair. it took me almost a month to have a total stranger comments on my blog (and only one till today) but it took u only less than a week and u've got people from bangla and italy... hehe. but anyway, i am happy for you ;) have fun blogging