Saturday, March 25, 2006

Feeling better

Last night I woke up with blood in my mouth. I was so shocked, it was quite an amount of blood. I don't know what went wrong. My gum wound doesn't hurt.But the potato face had subside a little. I think it might be some clogged blood in the wall of my mouth?
I went to the dentist this morning and he simply examine my mouth. He said everything looks fine.....but why the heck am I vomitting blood? I mean, I'm not exactly vomitting the blood but HECK...there WAS BLOOD!!! I wasn't too freak out....somehow I thought this was a good thing because I could see my potato face became less swollen. I don't mind spitting out more blood if I could get rid of the f**king potato from my face.
But the good thing was I had another medical leave today. HAHA. It's very unlikely to be able to work only 2 days in a week. Although I could not leave the house(except going to the dental clinic), but I really enjoy all the time I had. I could do everything I want, laze around the house, blog...just anything! But actually I'm kinda bored at the same time but doing nothing is always better than doing work(workalcoholic might strongly disagree). I even had time to update my other blog.

And I also discover some marvellous thing that ACDSee 6.0 could do to pictures. I know there's some GOD software like Photoshop but I only have ACDSee 6.0 in my desktop and I'm never too brilliant in this photo editing thing. But look what I'd learn....all by myself! ^___^

Original photo taken with my 0.3mp webcam.

I mingled with some of the modifying function, add some colours here and add, add some contrast, reduce some fact, I don't really remember what I did. But the outcome was not bad....not just 'not bad', I think it's pretty good. ^___^
I played with all the modifying effects, some like black and white or sepia were kinda normal so I don't wanna brag about it here. But some effects are really awesome!

Oilpainting Effect
So this is out I look on a painting.

Wind Effect
Gone with the wind.

Scattered Tiles Effect
This is kinda cool.Hehe

Coloured Edge Effect
I have thick eyebrows and moustache.

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