Sunday, March 12, 2006

Shopping Spree FEE-VAH!

I've been shopping like there's no tomorrow. What's that all about? It's like a disease. I can't help but spend spend spend. There's always at least one thing that attracts so much to me that I can't walk home without it. Ipoh is just a small busy town......and I could find so much goodies laying around the peaceful town. I don't dare to know what it'll be like if I were at Kay El. I got this shopacholic disease not long ago, if I'm not wrong, it's sometime back in September last year when I started to hang out with haopo Mun Yee. At first it's Closet Boutique, then it's My Boutique. Someone stop me.
Today I was at JJ with my cousin sis, Chyi from 11am till 5am. I was suppose to meet up with my friends to discuss about our Singapore trip but Nai Nai's father was admitted to the hospital(again). So I end up shopping with Chyi and then watched Final Destination 3(gross and creative ways of dying). And I'd spent ~RM400. *sigh* Someone please stop me. Or please subsidy my hobby.
Hmm...nvm,forget about the lost moolah, let's look what goodies I've just bring home ^____^

Shiseido Eye Mask (RM229), I need to reduce my serious case dark eye circles but Wrinklelift? I asked the promoter, 'Are you sure', she said that's the only thing that could help me. I felt so old. Must try last chance of beauty revival. A pair of 100% lovely keychain plushies(RM33.80). Pink for me and brown for him. ^___^
Free gifts from Shiseido. Yay!

FEMALE & CLEO Mags. Postcards for my postie pals. All from MPH.
DIY convenient box(RM3.90), I have no use of those now but I just love folding boxes, plus the colour and design is cute. Horoscope Cancer handbook (RM5.90) for Joe. *Gasp* Did I just wrote Cancer? I suppose to get Libra!!!!!!!!! AAAAKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another disadvantages of not being able to read Chinese. But I should see the damn crab! What's in my head????? And what should I do with this Cancer book? DIY Wool Doll.(RM28.60), it's just too cute and I want to make everything in it. All from POPULAR.
Those stuff not bought today. I spot the cute pink furry handphone charm at Pasar Malam and bought it for RM5! Great deal from Pasar Malam. Pink scrunchie(RM6.90), bought last Saturday when shopping at JJ with Mun Yee.
Pink shoes from Vincci (RM39.90 and 20% off the shoes), great bargain, I wanted to grab more shoes but it was too many people at the shop at that time and I just not in the mood to stay too long when it's too crowded.
Purple layered skirt from My Boutique(RM69). This look really pretty when pair with a purple spaghetti top.
Blue batik printed wrap skirt (RM69), My Boutique. Most elaborated skirt I'd ever bought but it's really nice when wrap around in it.

Purple spaghetti top, I bought this to pair with the purple skirt.^_^

Not one my great bargain but a great pressie from my best friend, Debbie. Love the design and absolute the right the colour for me!

My over-exhausted legs that walk me through all my great findings and bargains.

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  1. HI!

    Someone e-mailed me to tell me that you and I share the same template! This is the first time I've ever stumbled across another template-sharer!!

    Looks good!! LOL