Wednesday, March 22, 2006

One tooth lesser

Remember that few post earlier I was talking about the wisdom tooth that's really annoying. But now it's BYE BYE GONE!
The dentist visit was truly a nightmare for me. Last night I finally decided to get the stupid tooth out from me because it's really killing me softly. The pain even spread down to my trout and to the adjacent teeth. I'd bear this for 3 weeks. 3 DAMN WEEKS, can you imagine how reluctant I was today to finally sit onto the dentist's chair?
Dr. Kuan, a man in his 40's is a really nice doctor, talking to me in real gentle voice. Erased some of the horrible faces of a dentist I had pictured earlier(since I was a kid). As soon as I told him my wisdom tooth hurts, without even looking at it, he said 'You'll need to get it out' faster than I can open my mouth. At first Dr. Kuan X-rayed my problematic tooth, showed me how desperate it had been. From the X-ray photo you can see that the stupid tooth had already grown to the wrong direction, which was the main reason why it's annoying me so much. You see, it's not that I'm gutless or what, taking a wisdom tooth out is not the regular dental's actually a minor surgery because the doctor need to cut the damn tooth out!
Then I told Dr. Kuan I'll come back after I had my breakfast with my dad (luckily my dad accompany me through the whole ordeal), trying to buy some time to reduce my fear. Before I left, I asked how much this surgery will's RM450!!!!!!!!!!!
What needs to be has to be done. So after the tasteless breakfast (not because of the food), I was on the dentist chair again. This was even tougher than I thought. Scarier than the roller coaster ride I had in Genting(at least I can scream during the ride). The 30 minutes on the dentist's chair was really really really the scariest moment of my entire life. The most painful part was the doctor gave me the anaesthesia injection. He had to inject a few times around the tooth. Please be fast. Please be fast. I could hear the drilling, blood and salive suction machine, the surgery knife hitting my teeth.....The scariest part was when he was twisting and pulling the tooth out from me. I couldn't feel the pain because my mouth was already numb like a stone, but I could feel the preassure. I just don't know why but I was sooooo scare and Dr. Kuan kept soothing me like a baby. I don't know what he was doing, I could feel that he kept drilling and drilling and the nurse keep sucking out the mess. And then before I know and POP it was out. Haha! Too bad he didn't show me the tooth.
He promised me that this won't be longer than 20 minutes......but it was 30 mins!!! *sweats*

And at the time I was writing this, the anaesthesia effect is almost gone and I could feel the pain crawling to reality. I need some rest now.

My wisdom tooth = RM450 = Is actually a stupid tooth

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