Monday, March 13, 2006

Overdue pictures

Here's some photos which I should upload here long time ago. It's so out-dated....all because my stupid digicam was acting stupid recently so I rely all on Nai's cam. But she never told me that she uploaded them in her >____<
Actually they were not too long ago and such sweet memory must be showcased here in my blog.

31st January, 2006-Heritage Hotel

Shelley(Nai), May and Me. May-mother of 1 son....and still looking good.

Me & Joe at hotel lobby. This pic taken with Mun Yee's 2.0mp cameraphone (SE K750). Quality not bad, huh. I WANT A GOD DAMN SE PHONE TOO!!!!!

Bunch of colourful ladies. Top left : Fong, Me, Debbie, Ping. Bottom left : Nai, Mun Yee and May. I really like the colour match here but someone should wear red on CNY.

The gang. From left : Hong, Wei Yung, Chee Chau aka mangchew, Fong, Joe(my bibi), Ken(May's husband), Stephen(si tai fun), Mun Yee, May, Ping, Fai(Debbie's bf), Debbie, Nai and me.


1st February, 2006 - Friday Cafe

Super nice colour match. And yes, this time someone in red. Erm, lack of yellow. From left : Mary, Shelley(Nai), Ping, Me and Fong.

Oooo....artistic! Actually this was the first take of the above picture but re-shoot due to the water vapour from the fan above(you know, those huge fan spraying water vapour to look cool). But it gave an artistic effect. Cool!

Mary, Shelley and Ping.

The Hot Couple. Jun Yean (I can't spell his name) and Fong.

The Hotter Couple. Blue angels.

Girls are Fong and Me. Guys are Yee Chuen and Mun Loong (he want to be known as Isaac now)


11th February,2006, somewhere in Jelapang
The two picture below were not from Shelley's cam but my own. Well, no more excuse for showing out-dated photos. But those are nice pic. Hehe.
Who else? On the way to Lee's(colleague @ Unisem) house in Jelapang. Quite a distance from my place and the day was super hot, had to cover myself with sweater. But I think I look good in this. One of my best shot. Haha. How I wish I know some cool photoshop techniques.

After 'bai nin' with my colleague, we went to the huge show house at Jelapang area. I tell you, this show house is extremely....super....BIG!!!! like a mansion ppl use in movies. I regretted for not taking more pictures of this house. I'm thinking of going back to this house to take more pics of it. I didn't take any pics with my colleagues because they were not much of those picture taking kinda ppl. *duh*

End of picture showcase ^____^(curtain drops)
I begin to love taking pictures. YAY!


  1. nice shot .. i like photo shooting too .. since i dun have a good quality camera phone, guess might get a digital camera le ..