Friday, February 03, 2006

What's in my bag

What's in my bag, originally uploaded by Kiie.

I have those stuff in my pink bag ^__^ I took this photo purposely for The What's In Your Bag? Pool on Flickr. It's my new bag and new purple wallet for the new year. I don't realize there's so much stuff in it. Total of 26 items. No wonder it's getting heavy. But I feel that there's a lot more to add. Such mp3 player, coin purse, mirror, pins, notebooks..etc. I will take another photo of what's in my bag next month and see what's in and what's out.


  1. you inspired me to do this picture post too :) i put them in my flickr stream today

  2. Um .. Maybe I am not a typical girl. I dun use bag when I am going out. I find it too troublesome. But if there is someone to take that bag for me, then it's ok .. :P