Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year

~ ~ ~ GONG XI FATT CHOY ~ ~ ~

As usual, every year I had to go back to my grandma's house(my father's side), where all my uncles and aunties came back from Kay El. And then sits together and brag about their life and their children. Although it's a boring reunion but I never fail to attend every year. It's a family tradition to eat together every Chinese New Year and I willingly obey to it because I do agree that reunion dinner with family is very important. To kill the boredom, I bring along magazine and novel. And so I spent most of the time tugged in the corner of the sofa....reading. -_-

I don't know, perhaps they are too educated....or too English-minded. I never feel comfortable with them. I'm not interested with their topics and more often than not felt disgusted when my 2nd Uncle brag about his life, business and friends. They despise Malaysian life a lot and they talked and compare a lot with Australia's. I think they will migrate to Australia, sooner or later, since both their twins daughter are working there, one even got married to an Australian and their 'precious' son is studying there as well.
Well, here's some photo...

1st day of Chinese New Year, we're having vegatarian food for lunch. The vegatarian food in Unisem(my company), taste 100X better than this. And the curry tasted sweet. Almost everything tasted sweet. Did they mistaken sugar for salt? sheesh...I hate sweet food. YUCK!
p/s: I have nothing against vegetarian food but my tounge is so well designed for tasty food only. There are vegetarian food that are delicious but certainly not those on the table.-_-

Family reunion picture. Check out the colour combination, cool eh? ^__^ We took the picture after the tasteless vegetarian lunch.

Another reunion picture.

I didn't join the dinner. I'd had dinner with them on the eve. I must free myself and have some fun on Chinese New Year. I want to see the fire works. I want to feel the crowd. I want to feel the FEEL of Chinese New Years. And so I went out with Joe, Mun Yee and Mun Loong to watch Fearless! What a great movie to watch during Chinese New Year. So right with the mood! Glory of the Chinese. Yeah! But it has a sad ending. And it's a true story. Too bad the cinema version has been dubbed into Cantonese. It's even more beautiful and original if watched in the original language, Mandarin. I want to get the DVD of this movie!

After the movie we went to Planet Rock....just for a while. I don't know why but I can't save the picture I took from my handphone >__<>

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