Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Still Fantasy

Actually I wasn't thinking of blogging tonight but for Matt...I that he will know how wrong he were and how he deserves to be slap.

See....My 'Still Fantasy', all shining and orignal. I can even see my own reflection.

Bought it at a great price (RM39.90) from Friendly Records. And they were selling for RM49.90 at Speedy. Was listening to it now and am totally smitten with Track2, 5 and 6...and still yet to finish the whole album.

Matt, I don't bit-torrent MY Jay Chou. Now you slap your own butt. Hahahaha....

And btw, I only get ori for Jay Chou's album.


  1. So strong. Hard to believe you actually into original stuffs considering that you are a big big thief! Muahaha...

  2. Hehe .. Hei, Matt, she WILL ONLY buy Jay Chow ori ... Knew her style lar..hahaha ...