Sunday, June 11, 2006

Another boring Saturday night (PART II)

Can't blame the World Cup, there are guys who aren't interested in balls (I don't want to say that they are more interested in me, or my blog will get blast with envious comments from my friends...HAHAHA). But I want to know if this is normal. An old friend, a guy, smsed me in the afternoon, asking me out and I pretend to be sick. I don't know why I had to give such a pathetic reason....and it's not that I want to purposely avoid him(but I think I am) but I'd already rejected him a few times and I'm a bit embarassed with the reasons given. I can't come out with any other I be sick. Soon....I think very soon, he will realize that I'm avoiding him and he will get mad with me.

And then a few minutes ago, a male colleague called me and asked me out to 'yum cha'(have a drink). And I told him I'm about to sleep now. Hah, me sleep at 11pm???....this is so not me.

So what's wrong with me? At one time, I'm complaining about spending lonely Saturday night alone and even went to the extend of smsing two guys which turned me down. F*** them.

But I am enjoying the solitary of this moment. In my room,single, give online lesson to a friend on how to blog (sweat!), reading CLEO, reading other interesting bloggies, chatting with my friends, listening to my super collection of mp3 songs(I think I had over 500 songs, cool eh?). And two pointless entries can see what a good mood I'm in now. Sparks? I don't need it now......

And ooo....I just finished downloading 26 episodes of The Vision of Escaflowne , old anime but seems pretty interesting. This will keep me occupy for the couple of days.

I'll start watching this anime after I finish one round karaoke session of Leo Ku's medley of hit songs.


  1. Kelly ... i wanna borrow that anime .. thanks ...

  2. I wonder who's that poor guy you are avoiding? ;)

  3. hi...i'm so new here. miss u so much.i'm gonna get addicted to blogging.