Sunday, June 18, 2006

My first Birthday present

I suppose to post this earlier but I'd been away for a few days. (I'll blog about that in another entry).
This post is wholely dedicated to my very good friend, who put a lot of effort in making my Birthday Goodie Bag. And it's really lovely, I tell you. The goodie bag was really huge and I didn't take any pictures of the unopen goodie bag, but I just have to blog about the GOODIES inside. It's a PINK GOODIE BAGS and look at the pink goodies inside.

Oink! Oink! Pink goodie bag must come with a piggy, of course!

Sweet pink blouse.

Pink handphone pouch with rainbow heart(I'm using this pouch now)

Look what I found inside the rainbow handphone pouch? A lovely handphone chain. Too toooooo lovely!

Even the card is PINK.

This goodie bag really oozed too much love and sweetness. Thanks so much, my lovely friend, Shelley!! (Ei, update your blog laaaa).
Need some sleep more tomorrow.

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