Monday, July 03, 2006

KL Trip

Pardon me for posting the KL trip pictures so late. Ping gave me the remaining pics taken with her digicam a few days ago but my bad for keeping you guys wait (as if I got a lot of readers anticipating my blog entries -_- ). Anyway, here you informed, this will be long......

Me and Ping carpooled Alex's car to KL(my colleague), many thanks to him....although not a free ride, I paid him back the toll money. Yeah, yeah, I know, gender more free rides in this era of technology and human equality. I was sick with stupid flu but I just have to make this trip happen. I planned this so long ago(with Ping) and got cancelled a few times. Come on, it's just a short KL trip, no big deal....why I had to make it so difficult? Then what about my dream to go Hong Kong, Holland, Germany and New Zealand? And so, I brought along a lot of tissues and endured the whole freezingly cold front seat 2 hours ride to KL. But by the time I reached KL, I was half dead....too much clogs and I can hardly breath. We had a drink at Steven's Corner and then head back to Deb's place. And whoa....her apartment is WHOAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, really WHOAAAA......haha. Frankly, it's a cosy and neat apartment. I really envy that she's actually living in her own apartment, decorated it the way she wants it, refrigerator, TV, a kitchenette....everything is just so neat and comfy. That's a place you can call HOME. I wonder when I can have my own real home.

Me and Nai Nai at Deb's room. Me exhauseted. Nai still as fresh as a milk(don't think obscene.HAHA). And I look so tan beside milky Nai.

After a good night sleep....Not really a good night sleep actually. We chatted till 3am and I kept waking up intermittently. Anyway, trying my best to look refreshed.

Me and Nai at Deb's living room. Don't you just adore the colour scheme of her living room. Yellowish...beigish....oooo it's just so romantic.

I just can't help taking self-portrait all the time. Don't hate me!

And then we(Me, Deb, Ping, Nai with Fai driving) head to KL town. Let's rock the town!!!! Let's ransack Sg.Wang....wooohoooo....
But before that we had to drop Deb off to hand over some exam registration or something like that. I just know she's been filling those examination-like sheets the whole morning,I mean, colouring all the little holes black....I hope you know what I mean, because I don't even know what I'm talking about. And so we waited her outside this I-don't-remember-what-it's-name building that don't allow us to use the washroom. Sheesh. But they didn't stop us from taking pictures. So we snapped like the Jap (Jap=japanese....just like the way it rhymes).

And again, this is my blog, so I can put as many self-portrait as I want. WAHAHA.

Beside the building, there's this very classy and Victorian-like furniture shop. We don't dare to enter the shop because it was too posh for us. From outside I could see that they are selling a chandelier for RM49,000. A chandelier for a price of a MYVI car. Just imagine. Anyway, it's KL, so no big deal.

And more pics outside that building.

And then we head over to Sg.Wang. We met up with Pek Mun there. It has been years...I think more than 5 years since we last see each other. She haven't change. Still the same old good Pek Mun we always love (I mean love to bully...haha). We spent hours there. In fact, we spent 2 hours walking on the same floor. As usual, I'm the big spender. Deb didn't caught much shopping prey because she said she always shop like mad, so it's our turn this time. I mean, it's my turn this time. The rest got quite a strong buying resistant.

But how can you resist something so pretty like those?

Aftermath of non-stop walking and shopping, exhaustion. But group pic is a must!

This is our lunch. For 5 human being. Not kidding you. But then Deb add on another chicken rice. Food court food, as usual, not nice. But good for diet, because we don't feel like eating anymore after the first moutful. But the deserts(thong sui) were kinda good.

Later on, at Berjaya Time Squares. Me and Nai already stopped our shopping spree. But Ping was still running around looking for more buyable stuff, which still end up nothing at all...Where's Deb? She's waiting patiently at Starbuck. Kelian Deb....we joined her shortly after this.

By the time we finished shopping, it was already 9pm and we haven't had anything since the diet food court lunch. So we decided not to go to Souled Out anymore. We took monorails back to Sri Petaling and chomped there.

This is Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, Hong Kong styled restaurant. The ambience here was not bad. Much like Old Town Kopitiam...but of course, the food much more creative and better. Nowadays, such Kopitiam concept cafe/restaurant are hitting the town. We could see those everywhere, even in a small lonely town like Ipoh.

We sure like deserts (thong sui). Ping and Deb look like professional food tester. Cute. Fai hated his ginger tea but it's good for his stomach (and Nai's too).

Girls like thong sui. Yummy!

The fried dumpling is good. Deb was busy with her mee. So does everyone else. They were showing off their meal. Where's MINE???? My twin sauce cheese-baked rice took ages to come. When it was served, I was too hungry and chomped up the whole thing before I realize I haven't take any pic of it.

After the dinner, we went back to Deb's place and rest our poor sore feet. Everyone was totally exhausted but we still chatted the whole night. We were having really a good time. It's better to spend some comfy times like this with my friends than going out clubbing or those happening places in KL that I'm dying to see. But a get together with old friends is much more worth anything!

We showed off our treasure hunts.

On Sunday morning, we had late breakfast (brunch to be exact) before heading for more shopping. We went to a small boutique called Amour near Deb's place. Everyone got something we liked there and everyone was happy. Then we yum cha at Wong Kok again until Alex was reading to pick me up back Ipoh.

Dim sum is YUMMY!! But Nai Nai looked so fed up.

Look at all the yummylicious dim sum.

All we do was eat eat and eat. This is Chocolate Fondue. First time trying something Fondue. Next time I will try Cheese Fondue, if I can find that anywhere in Malaysia.

I'm having Papaya drink. It's believe to make our breast grow bigger and bigger and bigger. I don't know why Nai Nai keep drinking my papaya drink, she already got more than enough.(haha, it's because I can't finish it all lar, hehe). And the pink pouch is pretty, Ping's camera pouch.

That's all for today. I need to do my report for tomorrow's work. *sigh* I'm so darn lazy now and I so much wanted to watch Desperate Housewives now.

And oo, before I forget....Thanks Debbie and Fai soooooo much for the great hospitality.

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