Thursday, July 27, 2006

Chilling at Starbucks Cafe

This is another long overdue entry. Everyone begans to ask for the photos. I'd been occupy with activities lately. From gathering in Ipoh to gathering in Penang.

So here's the picture of the getting together at Starbucks. Yes, finally we have Starbucks in Ipoh.

3 leng luis

Another 3 leng luis.

Nai Nai was getting annoyed with me. Mary looked nice with that admiring pose.

Group photo is a must.

This is Kin Fai making his debut as the BF. What's with the hesitate look? Guys are dying to take that place >_<

This is more like it. But what's with his hand? He should be hugging me, dammit.

Last take of the mold brothers. Now Alex is working in KL. No longer Unisem's mold brother.

The night we hang out at Starbucks, I think suppose to be their openning day, or so....because clown was giving balloons and doing magic tricks and deejay was playing quiz games and giving away freebies, which I took home a Starbucks mug and a bag of coffee beans.


  1. Your eagerly awaiting comments. Call it comment of gold! Haha..

  2. wah, since when starbucks opened its branch in ipoh? i was so surprised!!! omg, im too outdate already. it's my fault la, i havent gone back ipoh for a month. hehe...hope that i can go back this month...