Sunday, August 13, 2006

Love is in Penang

Before anything else, meet my new sleepmate, Nici. This is the first gift from 'him'. I don't want to write so much about this because I know he'll be reading this. Shouldn't tell him my blog's URL....but.....sigh. Have to be careful with what I write. This is also another reason why I didn't blog for some time....hope he will eventually forget that I have a blog. Hehe.

Here's some of the pictures from my Penang trip. These pictures are kinda different from previous ones because they were taken by him.

Except for this one of course. Obviously it's another self portrait of ME. HAHAHA!!

This is Penang.

Children playing.

Bubble bubble....

Feet in love....

Owner of the pair of love feet.

Artistic leh? HAHAHA. I don't even know how to narrate the pictures.

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