Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday Morning

I just posted the long overdue entry (dated on Aug 17). So, now I will start to write some current events. Hehe. Sorry Yokie for not reading your bloggie for some time. Reflect to one of your post, certainly no one like to work extra hours. I was so dead the day that I need to work till 11pm because of the stupid audit. Work is not our life (just part of it) and we don't live for work. Cow meh? We know it but still we are all out in field, working like a cow. So we're looking for the mana that can revitalize our body, mind and soul.

My manas are:
*Seabiscuit (keke), in fact the most powerful one. But sometimes this can be poisonous too.
*Computer (just can't live without it)
*Food (universal mana, this works for everyone)

Other than the mana, there are also things that we can do, like go travel, hang out with friends, watch a good movie, go shopping and spend like mad. So, yesterday I went for spa and I felt like a princess. It was so beautiful and relaxing. I wish I could take some pictures and post it here. First I went into the steam room, you know, those with steam, make you sweat like mad. I never like sport because I don't like to sweat but actually sweating is a good form of stress reliever. And after sweating like mad for 15 mins, I went into the jacuzzi bath. A real milk bath(with 10 bottle of fresh milk) and with roses sprinkle on top. It was soooo American Beauty. And then massage for 1 hour. If you're too stressed out, I would definately recommend this. It's happy to make yourself happy.

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