Sunday, August 20, 2006

Something solid

Today I feel like want to write something solid. And thoughts are venting out from me.....tremendously. So this will be an entry without any pictures.

Now that more ppl are reading my blog....and this include my boyfriend(especially him -_-), I can't use this bloggie as my emotion discharger anymore. Because of this, I'm not as verbose as I used to be. So, Matt, sorry, no more witty eloquent entry from me....just VANITY which you love to hate but subconsciously asking for more. HAHA. erm, ok, that's a really vain remark. If so, then what's the point of having the blog? What the heck, I can write just about anything that crosses my head (just have to becareful).

Looking at my body lotion, it has a manufactured date. And the milk I'm drinking now, it does has one too. Even human has our start date. Everyone celebrate and hail the beginning of everything ( I don't mean the lotion or the milk but something like birth of a life, start of a year, or memorable events, hence the word anniversary was invented). Everything has a start date. But does a relationship needs a start date? Yes and no. Why yes? Because it's a start of something beautiful and it's a date to remember. And why no? Things that has start date comes with an expiry date. And true love does not expire. So it's not important to have a start date in a relationship. Right??? Well, obviously I'm in a relationship that don't have a start date and it's soooo special. (well that's a sarcasm remark, in case you don't realize).

People are constantly talking and looking for true loves. What's that? I dunno. Some claim it's a racehorse. Well, some found their racehorse. Some still searching. Some riding on the wild horse. Some got a horse that don't run (just nibble grass). Now nobody cares whether it's a racehorse or not. Heck, just catch any stallion, with enough care and training and lots of miracle lucks, wish and pray hard for it to become the next Seabiscuit. Ok, forget about true love. Let's start with an easier task, true friends. At first I thought this was easy to find. I guess you guys probably would have know what I'm about to say here. Haha...and to beat around the bush with story of true love and Seabiscuit. I always think I'm a cool friend. Cool in terms of never bug about my friend's personal life, accept their shortcomings, and just do my job as a friend which is to be supportive and expect them to be one in return. And friends would not/should not/could not cross the line with my Seabiscuit. It's the stupidest thing to lost a friend over a horse (in her case, a mule!). And this is so hurt and disappointing. I guess at this point, I can clearly differentiate between frienship and sisterhood. Sisters, you know who you are. Thanks and I love you all.

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  1. Erm .. so, this is your solid entry. I have thought so. Well, what can I say? I also went through the "same" sad moment. But from there we learnt. So, let go the unhappy ones, remember it and move on.
    Ei .. pls ar, dun later your english be like Kanasai until I dun like to read yours liao ar .... (keke)
    Take care, sister .. *if i m one of them* ...