Monday, August 14, 2006



Some of you might already know this but I think many have yet to know this superb reward thing. Did you know what everytime that we reload your bucks into the handphone we're given some Hotlink points. I never bother about the stupid points, which at first I thought was to use for purchasing MMS or ringtones which will eventually lead us to more credit deduction. But am I dead wrong. We can use the points to redeem for free SMS and also free airtime. Marvelous eh. Here's how:
  • Type *100# and call (Don't worry, this won't cost you a cent)
  • You'll come to a menu, then choose 4 for Hotlink Club Reward(by selecting 'reply' and then type 4)
  • From there, choose 1 to check your points. You will get a SMS from Hotlink shortly.
  • Then from the same menu, choose 2 to redeem points. You can either choose 1 for Special Promotion or 2 for Airtime. For Special Promotion, here you can use your points to for free SMSes. 100 points for 200 SMS. As for Airtime, 100points = RM1. So, you decide what you wana do with all your points.
Ok, I just redeemed 1000 free SMSes. I'm going to SMS all my friends to read my blog. HEHEHE

p/s : Source from Ooi Kin Fai (happy now?)


  1. That's being vain again! Haha... Sms-ing people to read your blog is plain vain! Haha...

  2. Thank you for your info. However, I'm not using hotlink. Mine is postpaid. :)