Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Colourful Life

I don't know what I want to blog about today. Probably just a pointless post. Ping just commented that April Zara's blog is nice. And then I responded with, of course, her life is colourful and she is always happy.

So, how happy and colourful is my life? I can say that I am very much happy and contended with my life. But I remember always complaining about my monotonous life. But how colourful our life might be is up to how we want to add colour into it.We can have it dark and grey. We can have it colourful like the balloons. I think this year is my most colourful year of my entire life. Despite that I broke up with Joe this year but I still think that I made the right choice...well....without him I did a lot of enjoyable things, went out with friends without asking his permission(which seldom get approve unless I'm going with him) and travelled around with my friends and had a great time! And of course 'personal time'. This is one thing that he never understand. Everyone needs their own time. And this is what I call a LIFE! I don't want my life to just revolve around a man. And I'm sure that I want a man that wants me to have my own life as well.

And so, I will enrich my life from now on and I think I'm starting doing a great job painting my life with more and more colours. And so you will see more pictures in my blog. I'm thinking of fixing my old car (or even better if I could afford a new car, white MYVI is yummy) so that I can drive out-station, travelling locally, looking for my friends, stay their house, eat their afraid, be very afraid. hahaha. But frankly, there are many places in Malaysia that I still haven't land my foot on....for instance, Melaka, Johor, Kedah, Terengganu. Erm, not that I have a lot of friends around Malaysia that I can leeches on, but thinking about how I can go around and eatting food from different places (not really my friend's food lar...), seeing places, seeing people, smilling, laughing, cam-whoring, more and more self-portraits....just the thought alone has made me happy. Yes, this is the colourful life that I really really want. If I'm single, such dreams would be easier to realize. However,now that I'm not, but I will not waste my youth and freedom that I have now. I'm pretty sure my dear dear (yes, I call him dear dear, you all stop giving him weird names) will be supportive.

And Matt, sorry to know that you lost your laptop. So next time, carry it along your own organ. Don't say it's inconvenient lar, your fats are heavier than your laptop lar. Same goes for everyone else who uses laptop that need to brings it out from house or workplace. You guys just know how safe is our society nowadays. Few years ago, I got my bag and new Samsung handphone that's not even one month old snatched (luckily not my life).
And also thanks Matt for saying that I'm eloquent, but pls arr...I'm not vain.>_<


  1. Please ar ... we arent giving him name ... we used to call him that name .. you also, remember?! erm .. but dear dear seems too "yuk ma" liao ....

  2. hi, kelly...
    last weekend, i went back ipoh. sorry that i don't have time to meet up with you..kind of tired driving that day. maybe i shall try to meet u up again next time, ok...