Monday, December 11, 2006


This is a post that you might not want to read. Hehe....loads of mooncissicm (think narcissism) that's bad for your health.

Hong Kong is not only a shopping heaven, but also a fashion parade all over the street. And I cannot afford to look bad too....

Love the hat. Bought that at Lady's Market.

Esprit furry hoodie jacket(HKD299). Pink shawl from home.
Ppl wear a lot of really nice shawl and looks really normal and pretty. But if wear it in Malaysia, ppl will start to give you the 'are-you-crazy' look. *sigh*

I really love the furry hoodie. I wore it almost everyday. It's kinba cold and windy in Hong Kong's October.

Bought a nice long and warm shawl from Ebase(popular Hong Kong brandname). I really love this shawl but I can only wear it at cold country. Not much at use here in hot sunny Malaysia. -_-

La La La....

Wore this to TT Ooi's wedding and also Mee Ling's wedding dinner. Love this dress. I don't know what they call this shade. Limegreen?

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  1. nice!! ;) i love your furry hooded jacket! I've been looking for one also here but couldn't find one nice or suitable