Tuesday, December 26, 2006

HoHoHo.....Merry Christmas~~~

I woke up feeling hot and dizzy. Not fever gua???>_< I don't want to be sick on Christmas day. Hate my low immunity body.

Don't feel like blogging anymore......but just wanna show off my Black and White Chocolate Cheese Cake.
Ta-da.....3 layered, black and white chocolate cheesecake. Wicked eh? *proud*
Because I put 1 egg instead of 3 eggs, my cake is kinda hard and I had a difficult time cutting up the cake, because it's all hard and sticky. But it taste like a million dollar taste. HAHAHAHA.
But I prefer my cake to be a bit stiff because I don't like when it gets watery and lembik.

*sigh* I need to lie down...........

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