Sunday, December 10, 2006

Closet To Die For

I havent been updating my blog for sometime. I have so much to blog about but just couldnt find the time. And I still havent finish about my Hong Kong trip. And seems like not many ppl are commenting my blog nowadays. Sigh....Is my blog not interesting enough? I tried not to use any blog traffic site, anymore.
What should I care? Blog is mine and I can talk about whatever shit I want.

And I found something interesting....something that I'd dreamt for, fantasize about. Not in this life...I know.

I like the way she designed her closet. Just like a boutique...a posh one. And a very grand one. I don't really like her clothes actually, too revealing and sexy. But the closet.....*whoa*.

Another thing to die for....1000 shoes. ***AAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH***

Well, here's my lousy wardrobe. (-_-;)
And they are saying that I have more clothes than enough. No woman will have enough cloths.

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