Monday, December 29, 2008

Joined Project Wonderful, co-host Etsy Malaysia Local Team and going pro on Flickr

Ok....this is what I am keeping myself busy with lately:
  1. Joined Project Wonderful
    I am creating my own ad space and also hosting ad space in my blog for other small business owner. A way to earn small bucks and also to promote my lil business.
  2. Co-host Etsy Malaysia Local Team
    So many things to do....I am helping Huey to host this local team where we Etsian in Msia get together and have fun. I couldn't imagine how much work I have to do, post in the blog (ok, I am a lazy blogger, how am I suppose to keep up with that?), maintain the Flickr group, and also to promote the team and invite more ppl in.
  3. Going Pro on Flickr
    Paying $24.95 a year to host unlimited pictures and get on the track of the Flickr community isn't a bad idea after all. I am starting to have fun organizing my pictures, commenting on other ppl's pictures, have ppl comment on mine, joining unlimited groups...wooo...just too much fun.
  4. Setting up my webstore.
    Not going to rely too much on Etsy, because they are only limited to handmade and handmade only. And buyers has to register to Etsy which is kinda 'leceh' to go to buy myself some ad space. hehe....

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