Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Craft with Colours

Sharing more colours from my finished crafts :)
Have been stocking up a lot lately but no time to list everything on Etsy yet.
But has always been fun making them. ~~~lalala~~~

Bobby Hair Pins

Coin Purse

All other lovelies, cuties and felties

For more pictures, check out my flickr photostream.


  1. gosh, seriously engaged in etsy's craftsmanship...

    wei, to boost etsy awareness, try to get entry in 'pecha kucha' event, go wiki urself, then u'll understand

  2. pretty and nice accesories... i like cute and pretty accesories but i can't wear it at my age now...

  3. long time din visit your blog, you have so many lovely handmade items. ;-)

  4. hi, found your blog through agnes. your handmade crafts are so cute :) everything looks so colorful and happy hehehe.

  5. The hedgehog hairpin is absolutely adorable!

    via swap-bot :-)