Sunday, January 04, 2009

Every year there's a list of resolution

Printable calender by littlebrownpen

Ok, I do this every year. So might as well keep the tradition for 2009 too. Hope today is not too late for a resolution list, but well it's just 4th of Jan, just nice to start kicking everything anew. :)
For a moment I thought I was going to stop writing resolutions because it seems so kiddish and pointless as I may not even accomplish 20% of the written promises. For then again, after reading every blog that starts their first post in 2009 with a list of confident resolutions, I know resolutions are not just broken promises. They are friendly reminders, helping me to go through my life, keeping me on track and not to forget my aims, passions and promises I made to myself.
So here we go:

2009...what are you?

New beginning by sjengraving

  1. Buy and manage a functional storefront to sell indie crafts, creative accessories, clothes and everything special and beautiful. Ok, this is pretty important to me. And this also includes selling at Etsy. Marketing and promoting stuff, sourcing for new materials/products, networking...lots of work to do.
  2. To love my full time job (duh...). Ok, sounds like something impossible but I need this to be happier. So either I try to love my current job or find a job that I will love. If #1 is successful, then #2 will be cheering out loud. Hehe.
  3. Be healthy. Eat healthy, live healthy and think healthy. (meaning...more exercise? argh, ok I will walk more)
  4. To have a strong and lovely relationship. (just keep doing what I have been doing all this time :D )
  5. Debt free by March 2009. And will not be using credit card anymore. I got this new debit card that is super great! And I can withdraw my Paypal funds to this debit card too, how awesome can that be? XD
  6. Read more books on the shelf before stacking on new ones.
  7. Learn screen printing and book binding. (yes!)
  8. Buy a new camera for better photoshoot. (when #5 is accomplished)
  9. Double my bank savings. (ho boy.....)

A very resolved big-eyed blonde by thedreamygiraffe

Ok, better keep the resolution short and sweet (as usual). And oo...better to remind myself of things that I shouldn't do this year
  1. No travelling. (In order to make resolutions above happen....T_T)
  2. No more impulse buying on craft books or any books (refer to #6 above)
  3. No more online games. (No more Perfect World!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will miss my werefox)

What about my 2008 achievements? I don't want to brag about it (haha)...just say, I'm pretty happy and enjoyed 2008.


  1. You're going to be one busy, healthy, productive diva in 2009! All the best!

  2. Those are excellent resolutions. Mine are very similar. I wish you much luck!

  3. Great list - life always has its challenges doesn't it. All the best success, health and happiness for 2009.

  4. Wishing you luck in accomplishing all of your goals.


  5. Very ambitious! Good luck! And, congrats on a great 2008!

  6. Gosh! your new years' resolution list sounds soo much like mine! definitely no traveling for me either if I want to make my Etsy shop grow and no more spending on books!

  7. hi, I'm cakemaker from swap-bot - and it sounds like we all want the same things, huh?! I love my library for craft books and even classes. I can request them online and even ask they buy books they don't own that I want to read! Maybe you could do something like that to keep from buying books? also, I took a screen printing class back in college and it was so much fun! definitely make that one happen :) come visit me too sometime!