Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Should I Change my Blog?

Ok, I registered a domain name which I am not using at the moment. At first, I thought up this name (together with my sis, Deb) for our online shop. But then, I put the whole shop construction on hold (yea, very frustrating..hosting, designing, shopping cart, content management..argghh) and so now, the domain name is floating around in the web.

The name --> www.farawaycolours.com

And after awhile, I thought the name is not so suitable for an international online shop, because of the spelling colours. Of course I would like to use the English English, colours but then, American English writes colors. So, it will be a difficult (confusing maybe?) domain name to remember. So, not a good choice and I would have to think of another good business name.

Any suggestion?
Please comment. I need need need idea. Thank you.

Oo..what's shop? Selling what?
Will be anything beautiful, treasuries, special findings, zakka, special design, handmade and art (by me and also other talented crafters and artist), accessories, colourful, vintage etc.

So, the name with -colours might not be a good choice for a shop name but since I'd already bought this domain name, so perhaps I should use it for my blog? Give it a new domain name? Will it be good? How do I re-direct my readers to the new url, whenever they click or type on my old domain name? @_@

I should have took IT degree.


  1. hmmm, that's tough one...

    why not if your readers mistakenly typed farawaycolors, then make your system to auto-direct to farawaycolours?

    Anyway, Happy CNY and gong hei fatt choy!!!

  2. That is tough! I'll have to think, think, think on it. Good Luck!

  3. these are cute! I think your name is ok - makes it stand out and is original. (SwapBot)

  4. I know, give the domain to me!! Haha, Aussies wouldn't mind that spelling coz it's the PROPER spelling. ;D hehe.

    oops, by the way...I'm from swapbot! =P

  5. I think its a great name! I wouldn't worry about the spelling too much. You can register the other spellings too (costs more obviously) but then you can re-direct it all to one website. Instead of them pulling up someone elses site. Or maybe spell it "ColRs" and that way you keep it very simple and there's no confusion.
    By the way, you might want to check out http://www.siteground.com
    They are a hosting company that offers free website building tools with your hosting package. They will also register domains, do name searches, renew domains, etc etc.
    I've been with them for about 2 years now and they're amazing. I did my website and about 4 others with their free software. It's very user friendly. (drag and drop) No IT degree necessary! Very inexpensive way to go.
    I like your blog too.. you're very creative and your little dolls are adorable!
    Melanie (puddlebugs from Swap-Bot)!

  6. It's very easy. U just need to include one line of code into your web page. Drop me an email(include more details) when u free and I can explain to you.


  7. ah cheh ... didnt mention my name pun ... >_<