Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Inchies To Go

Finally I finished 150 pieces of little art (in 1"). Phew. There's 2 orders of custom inchies came in together from Etsy. And suddenly I'd become an inchies making machine. My workshop table was scattered with scraps, fibers, glitter, paint, words and glue.

Couldn't snap the first 100 inchies I made for customer A. Below are the 50 inchies I made for customer B who wanted them all in pink shade. One concentrated color is always difficult to make. I can still vividly remember how I struggled to complete my order for 100 inchies in black and white.

All 50 of them and pretty and in pink.


  1. That puzzle piece one is adorable!

  2. Hi Kelly, this is Tiny Hands from Etsy.

    Those inchies are so cute! Gosh that looks like really tedious work. I'm sure the stunning results show your effort paid off ;)

  3. Your little inchies are so cute! They look so pretty all laid out together.