Sunday, June 01, 2008

Art & Literature Week

I've been looking for craft exhibition and bazaar ever since I'd been in KL for the past 1 month. I know there's a lot of such events here....but where to find leh??? Thanks to Evan who introduced me to Pipit Forum, now I have all the resource I need to know bout indie crafts and events.

...and I dragged along Deb and Mary. ^^

Illustration Is Everywhere Exhibition '08
One Academy

Deb : ?????

Support local indie artist/crafter/designer!!

And after that we went to the Book Fest Exhibition at KLCC. It was sooooooo crowded.

Ok, here's what I got back from the little art & literature trip. ^^

What's on my craft table?

Pipit Independent Creative Issue I and inside the tall and long tube package is Issue II.

Is this magazine or what???
Beside is my novel 'Marley & Me' for comparison.

Bought lots of craft and Zakka book from Book Fest (with great great discount!!).

Even though I'd vow not to buy anymore books but RM106.20 for 4 books (and the Zakka catalogue)is a very thick book ok) is a very very good deal. Ok, I'm definitely keeping the receipt for tax redemption. FYI, I can't read Chinese....but I'm buying a lot of Chinese and Japanese book.

My brain is feed with so much art and craft today. So happy~~~ lalala~~~


  1. halo..saw your blog at somebody's blog. You bought the books from book festival in KLCC? Y i cant found such books? Plan to buy also, but cant find them. May i know if want to get now, where can i get?


  2. You've been to illustration is everywhere?! Actually my work was exhibite there...XD