Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lazy Blogger

Ok, and now I went missing for one month. That's my style, blog one month, don't blog one month. haha...style of a lazy blogger.

Don't have much to blog about actually...maybe load some pictures later in the day. Went for a weekend shopping spree with Shelley and we ended up buying so many craft materials and book. And I finally got my sewing machine. It's a small cute electrical sewing machine. XD And I can't wait to make stuff with it. ~lalala~


  1. i added you in my blog list la... like your handmade things. got any new stuff recently? ;)

  2. me toooooooo....lazy bloggerXDXDXD

  3. Hello,

    I'm back! Sorry for not reading your blog, but I can see that you havent been blogging. I've been busy too, trying to finish my thesis and I got a job recently! Yay!

    How's things on your end?

    Mr Anonymous (not so anonymous anymore)