Saturday, January 09, 2010

Xmas Swap

More likely is New Year swap. Actually it is a Santa Xmas swap hosted by Agnes. My partners sent on time but those suprise swap packages were sent to my house in Ipoh. I couldn't go back to unwrap them until the New Year weekend. Hence, the late post on what I got from my swap partner..sorry. Anyway, I had fun, and I love everything I got, not the matter of price but the heart and the fun of joining Malaysian hosted swap.

Lots of goodies from Suyen. My mom already took the sweets from me. :p

And another pack of goodies from Tampin Girl.

And oo...a surprise Xmas card from Agnes. How thoughtful of her to make a card and send to every swap participants. <3



  1. Orange flavored M&Ms? They don't have those here in the US, but they sound yummy. It looks like you got a lot of really cute and fun things. :)

  2. hi....just drop by and say hi... :) hope you like the goodies and M&M, ermm...i actually it very much...hehe..and how's aunty? did she enjoy the candy? :)