Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chinese New Year (Part 1)

It's the long awaited Chinese Lunar New Year. I had been counting and cross out everyday on the calender before CNY. I'm so eager for the arrival of this festival, not because of the angpow collection but for the loooonnnnggg holidays and gathering with friends.

Many took half day leave on the reunion dinner night (16/Feb) but I had to work full day because of Kin Fai,he can't leave early. I was already too free and not wanting to do anything else. So I spring clean my messy desk.


Grandma's house.

Like every other year, the reunion dinner will be at my grandma's place. Big house indeed, with two garden. There's a ciku tree at the back garden. I remember eating a lot of cikus from that tree. But now dad seldom pick cikus from that tree anymore. I saw a few squirrels running about at the back garden.

Actually the reunion at my grandma's house was kinda boring. Uncle #2 likes to brag bout his rich life and always talk bout the dullest sport in the world, golf. Uncle #4 and #5 never has anything to say. I have two boy cousins and they always got too hooked with pc games. So every year when I go back for reunion dinner, I have to bring along a novel or some mags. I can't wait for the nights to come and I can go out for gathering with my friends. ^___________^

Back garden.

My grandma.

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